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Ireland lost. :(

It's raining - again. :(

It's the middle of summer here... "Summer" is a relative term. It means it isn't freezing cold but it doesn't mean we necessarily see the sun. I haven't seen any blue sky for around a week.

But I received a reply from the online doc who told me that they "don't have any reservations about proceeding".


It seems I might have passed their assessment process - or at least, I passed that part and I'm moving on to the next part of the process, whatever that is. So I didn't blow it completely, with my questionnaire responses and with the content of the conversation I had with the 'assessment counsellor'. I think that means I might be allowed to think that the doc is going to write me a prescription at some point.


In my dreams, I've always been male. I don't often remember my dreams - not unless I'm woken up in the middle of one - but when I do remember them, my image of myself is how it should be. I remember telling a friend about that when I was a kid and they laughed at me and thought it was weird that someone with a girl's body saw themselves as a boy when they were asleep. Apparently, that wasn't 'normal'. Most people didn't dream like that, it seemed. When I got laughed at, I decided to keep that little nugget of information to myself for many years.

This morning, I was woken from a dream when our dog barked. At the point in the dream where I left it, I was looking in the mirror. And I had a very nice beard. :rolleyes: 

Too eager? Most definitely.



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Great news Jay. Not about the footy but about your script. Talking of the weather I am in France and the cold wet weather has put things back by a few weeks. Anyways hopefully you can start your transition soon. Hopefully you don't get fed up of shaving. :-#

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Dear Jay,

May I suggest you keep a writing pad and pen or pencil or even an audio recorder on your night stand.  As soon as you wake up from a dream, record it in every detail, and then go back to sleep.  

Dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves.

In my case, I am 58, but I always dream as if I am in my teens or twenties.  Also, I use a cane, and I never use a cane in my dreams.

Yours truly,


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