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Hiya Jay. Congratulations Young Man. I Am so Pleased and Happy for You. Well Done. Go and have a Cup of Tea or Coffee to Celebrate. ( Or Something stronger if You wish. ). I hope All goes well. By the way, who cares how to spell " Woohoo " !,Just shout it out from the Hill-Top's, instead !  Jay, Good Luck Young Man, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx 

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As an English purist I have to lead with this, it's "woo hoo"  :-)

But FAR more important - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

I always find it interesting that transmen and transwomen share one huge thing in common, the desire to "correct" our gender (or whatever terminology people choose to use), but literally every detail after that is the exact opposite :-)  I've spent the last 10 months taking a prescription to stop my testosterone from happening - if only they could find a way to let us do one-for-one switches!!!  I would happily give you every drop of testosterone I have (unless I actually need some amount to stay alive, then I'd hold back a bit)

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