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Whiney Update



Anyone miss me? Yeah, me either. You havent missed much but I figured I'd post an entry just so people dont think I died or something. Not sure if I'm even relevant anymore but, yeah.

So here's an update.

No surgery. No responses from insurance, no responses from GLAAD or any of the LGBTQ+ Advocates for NH nor anyone else I wrote to. No one seems to give a flip and that doesnt really surprise me...

I'm still dealing with the MPD stuff, all eight of the obnoxious whiners -,_,- My life in a nutshell.

I still dont have the money saved up. I barely have 600$ saved up and my hours got cut for the summer season. I work the bar and get tips but guess how much I got in tips tonight after 8 hours in a hot bar? .....$0.50...

Last week? $1.00

My surgery is going no where and my thyroid problem has gotten more annoying. Normally people are on 50mg, I'm on 260mg and it hasnt helped at all and my levels havent balanced out. I dont get it...

I'm back on my Youtube channel though I feel like no one watches it anyway.

Anyhow, here's links to the Youtube and the facebook group page. If you feel like it, go stare at my randomness and maybe poke a few buttons.

Button poking is fun.









Met a fellow LGBTQ+ person when I went to an Orlando Vigil in NH (vid on my channel), and he was awesome and helped me feel better about myself.



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Hey Ren,

Yes, we do miss you. And, I'm sorry to hear no one is getting back to you. If anyone does and you wonder what to say when they say No, try this: "What would you do in my situation?" Maybe they will share something useful.

Anyway, it does suck to be stuck. What would I do? I don't have no magic. Find a better bar to work at? Seems like an obvious and maybe insulting suggestion. But yeah, $0.50 in tips is even more insulting so ...

Glad you made a friend. Friends are what make the world go round. 


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I don't work at a bar. I'm security at a private academy that host's a bar during the summer. And I asked the companies and what ever that and no one has said Jack.

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It's great to hear from you, though I wish it could be with better news 😞 I don't get on here so much lately, but I do always make a point to see if you posted anything when I do.

It was good to hear that your grandmother was supportive! It doesn't advance your transition, but hopefully strengthens your support system, which is important too.

Have you checked out the NH affiliate of the ACLU? They do pro-LGBT+ work as well, someone there might be helpful. www.aclu-nh.org



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