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Haha! Turned tables!



Since we have decided sharing closets works for us, I have made my self at home in his comfy black knit cargo shorts.  I LOVE these shorts.  Next spring I am planning to buy several more, as these are fantastic shorts that don't ride up indelicately on me like my shorts.  I like the longer length and bigger pockets than on the female version I have.  Nikki complains a lot that I absconded with his shorts.  But they are COMFY.  Oh my god comfy.  And he absconded with my sparkly butterfly shirt, so it's all even.  And when I took them off because I thought he was serious, he got all upset because apparently it's just fun to tease me about absconding and he thinks I"m cute in them and if I'm not actually wearing them, the game is over.  LOL  And I got to wear his Daryl Dixon shirt as penance for him teasing me.  *bliss*

Seriously though I really need to buy more of these, but it seems wasteful to buy a bunch of shorts when it's getting cold outside.   But a nice gray pair would be lovely.  Anything that isn't white, white clothes and clumsy Bree never work out well.  At all. 

The only thing we ever actually fight over is socks, because you know, the dryer somehow eats them and there aren't ever enough around no matter how many we buy.  Speaking of socks, I need to hit up the sports store.  They had these amazing "Cabin socks" that are cushy, warm, and amazing.  Ours are getting old, and I think a few new pairs are just what an Ohio winter is screaming for.  Neither of us are slipper fans. 


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Yeah.  Have been for 18 years now, 17 of them married.  :)  Or do you mean with the shorts, because I am totally in love with their comfortableness too.  *Grins*

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Turnabout is fair play! :lol:

Someday we'll find the portal to the parallel dimension that the dryers send all the socks to, and then our poor planet will be overrun with socks... all of them mismatched! ;)

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I don't want to find it!  I'm okay letting it go!  Feet and me don't get along, I can't even stand my own feet which is why they are always in socks. LOL  I think finding that dimension would be a nightmare for me.  LOL  Although I've managed not to lose my turtle socks or my Halloween socks, that is a life achievement for me, I lose everything. LOL  I once lost my wedding ring for two weeks before Nikki finally found it somehow wedged under the mattress in a place I'm not sure how I got my hand in my sleep. 

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