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Let's talk biology vs. modern life.



So.  It took me 12 years of alarm clocks, schedules, and struggles with insomnia and exhaustion to get my body to a roughly midnight to 8 am sleep schedule.  Where I still needed the alarm clock, but most days I woke up without it or just before it went off.  But there was that knowledge that it wasn't fully reliable and I had better have that thing set so I didn't get fired. 

And it's taken roughly...four weeks to end up back on my native 4 am to noon sleep habit.  And now I get tired around the same time every night.  I am asleep within a half hour generally of hitting the pillow, I still get the occasional insomnia I can't sleep for a few hours, but it's been twice in the last three months, not four times a week like before.  I don't need sleeping pills four outta seven nights a week anymore.  I sleep solidly around 8 hours.  I no longer have this exhausted desperate need for a nap in the middle of the day anymore.  I occasionally do enjoy a nap, but it's not the same I need one every day or I fall apart in the evenings. 

Why am I talking about this?  Because many people kept telling me that sleep schedules are easily adjusted, and completely overlook the physical effects side of changing it.  Evolution has NOT caught up with our modern lives.  We evolved multiple internal sleep clocks as a survival tool, someone in the group was always awake to alert the others to dangers.  But a tool that worked for us for thousands of years didn't just vanish.  I'm not saying it won't evolve out.  Our brains a whole still are, the shapes of cars in the last couple of decades has been added to the 'instant recognition of a basic shape that is not a threat moving around us' reflex.  That was a fascinating article, about how we subconsciously identify threat vs. harmless by overall silhouette shape, and what has been introduced to that catalog in our brains.  Even for children and people who don't drive, because they are such a common thing in our world now.  But people in places where they are not have not added the shape.  Sorry, got off on a tangent.

Night owls unite.  We just are what we are.  And if you're like me and just can't adjust to the day shift world, do try to find a night shift somehwere, you're body will be happier for it.


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OMG, are you my long-lost sister?  I have the hardest time with a "normal" sleep schedule, and whenever I end up with a few days of vacation, I end up sliding back to my old "night owl" habits.  Now I'm glad I can just blame evolution! :lol:


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Maybe!  :) It's our shift to guard the group right now!  *winks* I'm always sorta obsessed with figuring out how I (and others) work, and I pick up the weirdest bits of information.  Nikki's in the same schedule,  But Nikki seems more soft-set, it's a natural preference, but he can adjust fairly easily as opposed to my ridiculous insomnia and I actually get ill when I travel more than an hour or so out of my time zone. 

Nikki was all we should do Hawaii someday, and I"m all SERIOUSLY?  Alaska at four hours nearly killed me (and my son, we were so sick, and neither of us is prone to seasickness, and we were ill for three to four weeks after coming back, which is why the doctor explained all this to me)!  Hawaii is six!  And not having been there, I can't say for fully certain, but I'm fairly sure that they would prefer i NOT invade their space to spend a week or two praying to the porcelain god instead of Pele.  Sometimes Nikki knows me really well, sometimes I have to ask if my spouse has ever in fact actually met me.  LOL  Hawaii. 

Nikki can go and bring me back pictures and some of that white ginger perfume my aunt brings me back, that stuff smells good.  But only the good perfumes, the cheap white ginger smells weird.  May favorite perfume (and I think it was a knock off maybe of something else ) was called Muesli or something like htat.  It was close to the breakfast food but spelled slightly different, and it smelled exactly of lily of the valley flowers.  My aunt was constantly on me that it was an old ladies perfume, but my childhood is drenched in the smell of honeysuckle and lily of the valley, so I didn't care.  Let people think I smell old, I was wearing my childhood dang it!  I need to find some of that stuff, I'd forgotten about it.

Sorry, add.  I ramble in a path that doesn't even always make sense to me.  :)

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