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Happy Ending



Hi Guys

I had a wonderful week this week. Last week I told you of a horrible incident that happend when somebody was rude and upset me about being Transgender and a park in the UK last week. Well I have some good news after speaking to the park they were wonderful and invited me back to made my dream of being Slimed come true. (I had always wanted to be on on a messy childfens game show growing up but was bullied at school and was told I was to ugly to be on TV. )I went back yesterday and despite and long train journey it was worth it. Everybody was so kind and understanding. So a huge thank you to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon Land and Team Nick, and Nickelodeon uk. I may still be ugly but at least my dream came true

But as you can see I made a bit of a mess of slime box. Sorry Team Nick. I have also included the video of me being slimed I am on the left in the yellow t-shirt.



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Dear Charlotte,

Chuckled watching a nice looking couple getting "slimed."  Would have given anything to be the "slimer."  LOL!

Your friend,


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Hi Monica and Chrissy

Thank you both for your kind comments. The person who got slimmed with me is a staff member at the park so we are not a couple. Each day, one or two of the staff get slimmed sometimes with a visitor at the park but they always wear something to keep their uniforms clean. I was asked if I wanted to keep my clothes clean but had taken a change of clothes luckily. 

Kind Regards


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