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Good evening,

My husband and I decided to start this blog to track our journey.  Here is a little back story.  We have known each other since 1991.  I was 13 at the time, and he was 15.  There was attraction on both our parts from first sight.  We somehow can't stay away from each other ;) ​ We love spending time together, mostly driving out on the open road.  We have 2 young boys, and they are definitely a huge part of our lives.  Our baby is 1.5 years old, so we took time to get him through the baby stages, and when we confident that these 2 boys completed our family, the journey into my husband feeling more comfortable in his skin could start to transpire.  It wasn't like we planned it that way.  Since the boys arent quite as needy as they were, about 6 months ago, we started putting ourselves, and our relationship, to the forefront of our every-day.  We would spend hours talking after the boys went to bed, and it was then that we learned so much more about each other.  This talking brought out his feelings about how uncomfortable he was in his body.  I, of course, want him to be confident and comfortable,  no matter what, or who, that is.  I love him for him, period.  

Slowly, over the past like 5-6 weeks, he has begun to dress more as a woman, and is becoming more confident going out in public.  He wants to go all the way, so that is the ultimate goal, no matter how long it takes to get there.  The process of telling our 5 year old has been slow and steady.  He is becoming more and more comfortable with it, and even him and Daddy went into a convenience store the other night, while Daddy was dressed, and neither one were embarrassed! It is a huge step!

This blog will be both of us writing, as we feel something that needs to be shared, or documented, for our journey.  If I am writing, I will put an "L" to let the reader know it is from my perspective.

We are excited what the future will hold and look forward to this blog filling up quickly lol.  Goodnight for now. "L"


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Hello and welcome,

Your partner is so very fortunate to have you as theirs. So many spouses cannot handle the transitions that you she are doing. I think it will be terrific to read your blog. Hopefully we will provide feedback and comments that will help you both.

I’m a bit older than you. At 61 I’ve only come to terms with my being transgender over the past 3-4 years. My dear wife of 21 years and I will be divorced by the end of this year. She supports, understands, and loves me, but emotionally she can’t deal with my being trans. I’ve moved, and started my HRT about two months ago. 

It is so scary to come into yourself as a woman. What style am I? Am I appropriate? What fits? !!!

I love hearing how you support each other. 



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