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It's Monday

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Good Morning this is DeeDee.    



I was about 5 years old when I first felt like a girl in a boys body.  My mom and Dad knew something was different with me but due to their extreme religious beliefs they were unable to see that I was just a Girl trapped in a boys Body.    I spent many years growing up wearing my sisters clothes in secret and even repressing the feelings of femininity. Then I went through boy puberty and found my penis,  don't get me wrong I had fun with it but fun and true joy are two different things.    anyway well touch on all that another day.  I am 40 years old now and I am beginning transition.   


1. understand this is the real deal and not a fantasy

2. have the support of my wife who is my life and means the world to me

3. begin hormones

4. start dressing full time.


wow so much to begin and I am excited.   6 we







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Hi DeeDee,

Glad you found us! It is exciting to finally acknowledge and become our authentic selves, isn’t it? We are blessed to be living in this day and age when the tide is finally shifting toward tolerance, acceptance, and dare I say welcome of transgender people. 

You look terrific in your photos!


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