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Its hard work to look this good.

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Okay so about 2 months ago I won a radio contest to get a free month of Medifast Diet Plan I was hoping to drop some of my beer belly that when I got dressed up made me look Pregnant. In the month I drop about 20 lbs and began to note that my girlish figure was coming more into view. My only issue was the plan really added to my dizziness I naturally get from a iron deficiency. I Almost collapsed several times due to the low iron. I made it through and now as the summer heat really starts to beat down I continue my goal to drop another 40 lbs. But the heat is preventing my work out routine. So I started up again with yoga and now try to do this about 3-4 times a week for a hour. So now I'm off the diet meal (but progressing through a metabolism diet of my own design)Working out and hoping for a great loss. Things are looking up though as one of my coworkers took this picture of me Saturday.

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looks like your body is doing what mine is , loosing the size of my legs and butt first then the rest is slowly dropping down , its always a great motivation when we loose weight and start fitting better into cloths we really love , Since january 1st I have lost 48 lbs and my labs have all came back within normal ranges for once in about ten years , lol , so funny how when we eat right and exorsize on a regual basis the weight might not fall off but it does slowly deminish bringing us closer to the goals we set for our selves I still have 60lbs to go for my goal but will be saticfied if i can drop 45 more lol. nah not really I want to loose the 60 . then look out all those skinny cloths be mine to buy and show off . You keep up the good work and stay motivated its hard but once you get into a routine it gets easier to at least maintain without going back up .



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Well I don't know. Of course, guys like to have some skinny girl on their arm in public, but in bed? Well I'll leave the verdict open on that one. I think this is more about competing wiv other women than attracting men. I've noticed that most women have a little curve on their stomach. It can be kind of attractive. It suggests fertility, softness, and femininity. I think we worry too much about weight. Nobody wants to be obese, but a few extra pounds, does it really matter. And you know, you're never gonna be 16 again. You're chasing an impossible dream my darlings. But what do I know. Oh dear, this sounds really bitchy. You go for it girls. I'm just jealous cos I'm a big fatty. Take care, HL.

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