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  1. It's all good just go with the flow and you'll see it all work out fine. Take care and enjoy the forum.
  2. All is good, just look at dates on posts and dates between response from others, it does become a bit tricky when an old post re springs and goes dead again.
  3. Well, the date is wrong and so am I, I was going off the date on my profile but apparently my first blog was January 2004 that puts me here for more then 15 years because I know I was posting way before I started a blog.

    Well no wonder I feel like I'm part of the old guards around here. I'm allowed to be cranky because 90% of those I remember gave up on this along long time ago. How time flys dam go figure.

    1. anunitu


      was nice talking until it went poof

    2. anunitu


      perfect timing again been like that the last few months a lot

  4. Always a joy dear lady. Keep up all you do.

    1. MonicaPz


      Thank you, my friend.

  5. Years take a toll on a person.

    Maybe the price is to much.

    Its decreasing interest has shown worse for wear.

  6. 47,679 profile views my goodness that's a bunch of snooping.

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    2. Jessicatoyou


      That's what I said and my time can't be recovered, all I have left is what's ahead.

    3. stephani


      Time passes, it can never be picked up once we are in front of it.

    4. Jessicatoyou
  7. Well no matter where or who you buy from the world is full of humans and few could care less about the next human standing next to them. Opinions on political ideologies are just as stink filled as porta potties, As far as sharpening your scissors, take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it three to four times making sure your blades have two inches of extra length to fully cut thru, so depending on your blade length a sheet of aluminum foil folded so you can cut strips off from one edge to the other ( i do 1/2 strips ) they should be really sharp depending on how dull they were by the time you have made the last strip of aluminum foil. Hope it helps and spend that fiat currency it was made out of thin air and has no intrinsic value. Steph
  8. So few know this but on good razors there is a small single blade on the end of the blade head turn the razor 180 degrees and wah lay that lil bugger is there specifically for the lil buggers next to your snoot holes, and for side burn straightening. Just buy a good quality blade, I get mine from the two leading online sellers, they are both really good blades last me a long time for the price and use I say that the Mr. "Blade" company is best over the $ of the month, but it is a personal thing just do the trial deals to see what you like . Steph
  9. So, you see after Forever I am adding a new blob giggles. Yeah a big pile of blob, why eh I suppose because here is a place just to dribble out some thoughts without disturbing the flow of a thread, or a means to vent without disturbing the flow of the forum. I know that not everyone appreciates my opinions or views on life, wether or not if it has anything to do with transition or not, not everyone will, I respect that, I do. That being said, some times you just want to reach thru the screen and grab the other person and give em a bit of a shaking lol. Ahhhh you twat giggle Smile everyday even when some self absorbed thumb sucking twat struggles through life and wishes to drag you along for the shitty ride. Oops PG nah you know better coming here, yup you do don't you, that's why you read my posts because in the end of it all I will never lie to you why should I I don't expect you to lie to me, if you think I am a blow hard big mouthed deisel dyke who prattles on tell me that because I will tell you your a twat. Smiles and laughs. Thanks Mom and Aunts for my understanding no one wants needs or deserves to be Molly coddled. You know it's been a hell of a trip but in general transition is fine, yeah I wish I had done a few things differently but for the most part, it's exactly what I knew it would be, life in a different pair of pants. Just go live your lives free from the delusion transition will change everything, because it won't, you will change what you see needs to be changed, you will feel it's over when you feel it, no one can control you unless you allow them to. Grow up be an adult and live the last bit of this life you have to it's fullest. And yeah life can beat the hell out of you just drag your butt up and say is that the best you can do well here you go I can take it.
  10. Oh hun, it's becoming ever evident to me that relationships are over rated , for 23 years now I have been a truck driving diesel dyke and at this point of my like I can say proud to be, I have always felt I needed to have " that someone waiting at home " and so I did just that convenient relationships ones that understand I come home seldom and am in no way interested in going out after getting home. Is this fare no I suppose not yet I pay all the bills, do all the household work when I get home and don't want, need sexual interactions, I have gone without for so long I am no longer interested. Is it a bad thing this being alone, set in our ways, I think He'll No, your lists of why you live alone gave me a bit of a chuckle because a lot of the list was my thoughts for me. Connection is a wonderful thing but so is a bit of are you kidding me what the hell adds a lot to ones life, I can get that from co workers, or friends and some times from my beagle Skipper trust me he is a joy, a pain, a wonderful addition, no not everyone wants or needs a pet/fur baby but for some of us just what we need. I am glad to know a bit more about you I love having you just a tap on the screen away, your opinions matter and the site Bennifits from your being here. Hugs hun
  11. As said no, they are there as a merely interactery part of social media, indicates a notice to or indication of understanding to nothing more, just ignore them if they are of concern to you. They basically are just hey I read that or I agree with that or yeah I suppose that's one way to look at things sort of interaction others can have without adding dialogue to the stream.
  12. No matter who or what one represents your agenda will always enter into whatever you are interacting in, it's inherant . My inherant beliefs as a lesbian holds it's own agenda's for my purposes so do everyone else's no matter how much we try to remain "non bias" never happens, we all slip. So the term Gay Agenda has always makes me cringe so does anything agenda, lbgtqasn get my point ever point on that star has it's own agenda's, even if you try to separate them the muddle into the discussion or debate how ever one might deem the situation, see agenda right there is it a discussion or debate. Smiles
  13. Yeah, I have purchased a number of shoes there. Now, not so much. No pumps Flats yup.
  14. Three broke phones, two broke computer's and couldn't remember my log in stuff. Finally got to the remember password email to fix. All better now, I could read the new postings all this time just couldn't reply. Hugs Steph
  15. Another great addition . Congratulations. Hugs Steph
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