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Its been abit of a mad Christmas/New Year

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First of all, sorry to anyone who has been following my blogs on here, but since September 2011 things have been in total upheaveal.

Mid-November things came to a head at work, issues with my managers means I felt discriminated against, to the point that no matter what I did would never be enough.

Anyway after talking it over with HR, and some fairly obvious threats of legal ramifications, they came up with a very nice severence settlement meaning I finished work immediatly, was paid in oui till mid January and then recieved a lump of cash not to take things any further.

This meant I could afford a cheap car (+ VERY expensive insurance!) and had some money to renovate a couple of rooms in the house I'm living in.

Christmas and New Year were seen with a couple of fun parties and in the new year I have been pushing forward with getting my divorce finalised.

On the 23rd of January I had my appointment at the gender clinic with Dr Barrett, scheduled to last 1 1/4 hours it went for 45 minutes in the end and finished with me receiving my 2nd and final signoff for SRS surgery. He ended with saying the next time we will meet you will be post op and we will be talking about revising your hormone levels.

Ohhhh..... and last week, I had a boob job!!, Jest got back for the 1 week post surgery review and its healing wonderfully - MAJOR SMILES!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs


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