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March 26, 2012

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Today I grew as a man by becoming more of myself. I decided that I want to be called Dan instead of Daniel from now on. I remembered my time in jail on assault charges that were thrown out of court. However, for three months I soul searched isolated from humanity. My female persona dissolved because it was not real to begin with. I emerged, strong as my real self. I've been talking the talk and walking the walk ever since although I was just a boy when I first emerged. I was Daniel. Now I'm Dan. The day dawned, the day ends and although I'm free I'm alone with my thoughts again. I like my own thoughts. Yes. I am a man and no longer a boy. I am Dan.

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Wow!! When I first read this a few days ago, I thought to myself, I wonder how many comments this blog is going to get? I was expecting you to get shredded by the women every which way but loose.

You see, when I first read it, I thought you were one of those "reformed" transpeople. I thought you were a male-bodied individual who, while sitting in jail with time to reflect, found some religion, and got out "realizing" that you are not a woman, never were a woman, can never be a woman, and that you were a man just as "god had made you." I was wondering if we had yet another come here to preach about the evils of believing oneself is of another gender.

Then I saw today's entry listed on the index page. Mind you, I don't read too many blogs. But seeing this latest entry was of interest only because of the previous blog (and maybe the morbid desire to see the women set your @$$ on fire... :lol:). So I clikked the link to see what was in the new blog, and in the middle of reading the first line, "although I won't be starting testosterone therapy until..." I was like... WTF?! And I came back to this blog. And I read it again. Twice. :lol:

Granted, I didn't really understand what was going on with "Dan" and "Daniel" a few days ago. But I think I do now. After seeing today's blog...I now see that you are a brother transman, and that the "Dan/Daniel" thing was all about growth, and coming to terms.

Whew... :lol:


P.S. Now I also understand your shout-out made 31 Mar, "I saw the Dr. Oz show. It's heartening to know that what transgender people experience is being broadcast on network TV for everyone to view." I originally was confused by this, wondering why you thought this to be a good thing if you were a "reformed transperson."

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