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Things I Need



While making another large coffee to stave off the cold, I started this list of things I would need to feel right, look right and pass - as great a challenge as that is.

  • Hormones
  • Breast augmentation
  • A complete wardrobe of femme clothes
  • To know how to properly, subtly apply make-up
  • Decent, maintained hairstyle/s
  • Facial feminisation surgery
  • Sexual reassignment surgery
  • To lose a significant amount of weight

(Aside: Just having written that I went to the kitchen and returned with a plate of cheesy pasta. Yeah, I have no self control with food.)

What can I achieve now?

Not much. I have no-one that can teach me make-up. Though my Mum is totally accepting of who I am, she is an engineer. I have few friends as it is, truth be told, and none of those I regular see are female or femme. I do have one friend I could arrange to meet with but she's far from an expert herself. As for a haircut, I'm growing my hair out as much as possible and any style is going to slow that. Besides, I don't really have money for a regular style beyond a trim.

Surgery and hormones? Hah! I don't even know when my first appointment at Charing Cross is going to be, let alone when I'll get a hormone prescription. I certainly can't afford private care, and it could be years on NHS for the first cut to be considered.

What the hell do I do?

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Well , Hun .... sounds like the start to a plan , and guess what this is the first truest step to accomplishment of any goal , so Head up and Smile , your taking the proper mind set and starting the process on a great note.

OK, now onward I go ....

1. Hormones : those are going to be a while in so dont look for that to happen right out of the shoot , your most likely going to have about 4-5 sessions before that subject is going to start into your process , your going to discuss these things yes but they are preliminary investigational tools for your frame of mind and mind set as far as relistic goals and time scheduals , yep , when do you want to start this that and what is your plan to getting this and that done ....

2. You Need No permission to Be You , transition is mainly a frame of mind and readiness to accept the consiquences of doing so , well since you have the name change it sounds like your frame is set , your realisticly objective to what process' your going to undergo , you may not need to do some but at least your thinking about it , Very good Hun. You want to live the life of a woman like you were meant to , well guess what , You can , Get your cloths , your name changed , your forms of information changed at work and dress appropriatly in said gender role , Guess what You have transitioned ..... I no Simple , Hmm To Simple yet in all reality it is just that LIVING YOUR GENDER , thats trans in a nut shell .

3. Your going to find about 400 postings on Make up tips on You Tube this is a great start but guess what , You only need a few items ,

eye liner , lip stick , foundation liquid or mineral both are good both in closest color to your skin tone , powder in your closest skin tone, mascara , eye shadows , brushes and spunges for application , thats it , basic .

4 . hair styles well that is going to be a discovery process , through out your transition , I change my hair color about 2 times a year , I change the lengths and style about 5 times a year , just goes with my mood .

5. before starting hormones I will tell you now you need to get as much of the wieght off , once you start and get balanced and regulated your going to find it a real B to get it off , and it will slip on really easily , so if you weigh 210 and your 5' 10" then idealy your looking for initial loss of 30 lbs , then level out your going to need the fat for redistrabution your body is going to change how fast and how much is Genetics and age , your young so better off then a great many of us oldies ... LOL , ok while your getting your levels in line your going to want to maintain here is where it is going to start to be easily put on and Very hard to get it off , Ideal T level under 10 , Estridiol level of a male is at top range 57 , a womans is Higher up to 90 , so tests sould be done Now your T and Estridiol levels also your othe labs I have a post around here some were on tests needed and such just look for it .

6. facial features are going to change for you , so dont stress over FFS this you may need a couple little tweeks but at your age your going to have it alot better once again then many of us oldies . your going to want to give it Two years , this is about when many aspects are all done as they will be , face , Breast grouth , body shape , hips, butt , legs , arms , muscle density , muscle mass , skin texture , loss of body hair , thined facial grouth ( but it is going to be there so get some laser done ) . so worry about , the daily things right now , clothing , walk , talk , interaction , Bathroom edicate , VOICE .

7. You may find you may be happy with just the first steps within transition and decide to not have SRS , You may feel stronger Later to have it done , start saving , average cost $50,000 , start saving .

if you need help with finding doctors PM me I am a creature of habbit and I have alot within my data on this thing , LOL . I will find you some one to start out and get the ball rolling .

8. Doctors are a B all in their own so be patient with all your Doctors , Endo , PCP, Psychologist ,the basics as well as Your Lab work , Yeash look for the first two to be at three month then six month intervals , may at first test second month to check so Labs are about $450 if you dont have insurance if so I have the Diagnosis code some where around here , Basicly tell them to code it as a Hormone Imbalance and the Insurance will pick up the costs .

9. So your looking at 1 year of psycotherapy , at this time you should get you recomondation papers (Two) , 15 months on Hormones , 2-6 years to save for SRS, FFS, Breast Augmentation , average cost after all is said and done $100,000 , or Just LIVE YOUR LIFE IN GENDER ROLE , and slowly get things done or get a sponsor to help finance the surgeries , or save like we all do .

I hope some of this helped , Lets talk more later after the sticker shock hits and sinks in , Man its a high price to pay to be Who You should have been born as , This is what the medical field has set up to keep all the Not so believers out of the process , its long its hard at times and it costs , But ARE YOU WORTH IT , I KNOW I AM AND WAS , I think you might Find This to be the case for you as well .



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