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I recently received an e-mail notice from here that someone had wanted to start a personal message. The e-mail stated that the individual wanted me to use their hotmail account to do so. Under some circumstances I would not mind. Under some I would.

The person used a screen name and the hotmail address gave no indication who they were. The names did not appear familiar.

I do not blame people for using screen names. Safety, workplace discretion and families all may play a part when one is transgender. I can understand that.

I typically do what may not appear to be the brightest thing in the world. I use my real name and tell the truth about myself. I personally do not care what anyone thinks. I have my reasons for what I do and if that offends some so be it. When I am offended I tend to forgive as I would hope others would forgive me.

I do not try to hide the fact that I am a heterosexual cisgender male minister. That alone causes some to have preconceived notions about me. Some may even hate before knowing anything about me. Sort of how people treat some of you as transgenders.

Neither do I hide the fact that in accordance with the word of God I do not agree with transgender views.

You will note that I never openly use the word of God to slam any transgender posts. Neither would I do so in private.

Some may wonder why I am here then. Not only the transgenders here but people who may know me in real life both in workplace and ministry.

The truth is that even though I am in disagreement with transgender views I still know that I would want people to treat me right. That means that if I was not sure about anything and questioning I would hope someone just might be around that could help and have the guts to go where some may not.

That is part of the basics of Christianity. While I may not agree with the views here there may be that babe in Christ that is wondering about some things about what the word of God says. In such a case I would hope that I could give the right answer.

Not to agree with everyone. Not to disagree with everyone. Just to be honest and tell the truth.

There are those however on any site that would just love to ask a question so they can set someone up. Run back and tell all that guy is a trans basher or whatever when it isn't the truth.

I have gay friends and co-workers. I also have some co-workers that I suspect to be transgender but not out.

I would never out any of them nor embarrass any of them. I merely try to treat them like anyone else. What they are or how they feel about straight, gay, cisgender and transgender issues means nothing at work. If they wish to reveal they are such and such to me at work they will. If not they won't. I'm there for a job and not to please people or gossip.

The reason I say all of this is because naturally I won't answer e-mails if I do not recognize the person in one way or another.

If people realize that I am here and open about who I am they should be open about who they are to me in private.

Anyone in ministry has their life a rather open book to the world. Many watch just to see if they can find fault. Sadly some try to find fault so they think they have an excuse at the judgment seat of Christ. "Well he did this or that" or "Well he said this or that" or "Well he was on such and such a site."

The truth is that we all give account of what we do and say in this world on that day. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If someone sees me here let it be known that it is in the hope that should there be a babe in Christ and that individual wants to ask someone that is willing to be here about scripture that I am willing to help.

I am not seminary educated but then neither were Peter and John. They took note they were ignorant and unlearned men but they were with Jesus.

I guess in conclusion what I am saying is that if a person ever wants to send an e-mail be honest about who you are.

I probably have enough enemies and people wanting to either set me up or gossip about me just like you all.

I don't have any ill will towards whoever sent the e-mail. They evidently joined and sent it and then left. A search of members revealed nobody by either names. The link on the e-mail showed it could not be found here even though it brought me to this site.

As I said, even though I do not agree with transgender views I hope that the vast majority of my blog posts show I do not judge you all. How you live and what you believe is between you and God. I only drop in from time to time as on other sites I have had people send pm's asking questions about scripture and such.

To me the most important thing in this world isn't whether or not I am liked. It isn't what I possess or what the Lord gives me.

The most important thing to me is that even though the Lord shared all glory with his Father before this world was created he chose to come into it and die for the sins of people like me and you who could never repay him.

He lived a life of poverty and being hated by all men for what he spake and what he did. When he told the truth and rebuked those that were wrong they wanted to kill him. He knew that when he returned and drove the moneychangers out of the temple they would want to kill him. Yet today nobody wants to believe that he will get angry when people insist on doing that which he hates.

He was so poor that it took a miracle for him to pay his and Peter's taxes. Two hundred pennyworth is not a great wealth. I'd like to see some of the rich ones try to live on $2.00 today. It's a far cry from a mansion or jet.

He was blindfolded and beaten and his beard was pulled out and yet he stood there silent for those he would soon be butchered alive for.

They debate if he was white or black when scripture shows him to be the olive tree in the garden of the Lord God. A scourge removed much of that skin and I wonder as they pulled his beard out how much flesh came off with it.

All fled and nobody was there to even give a word of encouragement as the all this happened and he went to the cross.

Still he spake forgiveness and forgave the one thief that repented.

He finished the building of the house of God and gave up the ghost. He never once railed out against those who mocked, beat, scourged and crucified him.

He was the perfect witness of what Christians should be.

He was honest and it caused him to live in poverty and being hated of all men.

I would hope that more would try to be honest.

Even in a worst case scenario it would never be as bad as what he went through.

Having said such should anyone lurk and know me or be a member and want to send an e-mail all I ask is that they be honest about who they are.

It should be clear that would not out nor hurt anyone.

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Del -

I believe the email that you are talking about was from a spammer. Actually, I think you are referring to a TGG email generated based on your settings here on the forums that notifies you that there is a new PM waiting for you here on the forums.

That individual sent out many PM's. It was a spammer, and we did receive several complaints notifying us of the activity. That individual's account has been deleted, and the IP has been banned.

On behalf of Lori (Admin and owner of TGG) and all of us moderators, I apologize that you received that PM. Such incidents are disruptive to the community and usually results in making the organization that was used to disseminate that kind of thing, bad.

We ask that members always contact Admin or any one of the moderators when they receive these kinds of PMs so that we can take care of the problem as soon as possible. I hope, however, that you understand no website is 100% free of spammers, scammers, and other unscrupulous people. We do actively attempt to keep them at bay.


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I do imagine some have nothing better to do with their time than spam people.

To me a person must really be a sicko to e-mail a cisgender on a transgender site to share stuff about themselves. I can just imagine how something like that could be twisted into all sorts of foolishness.

I know you guys do your best to keep the site safe. I do thank you for that.

By the same token I realize that there are always certain risks one takes when they are cisgender and are on a gay or transgender site. Straight and cisgender friends would wonder. Rather risky all around with the open door to rumors and maybe losing friends. Thank God I don't have any to lose.

Once again, thank you.

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There is a good deal of concern for all on a TG/TS site whether they are trans or cis. Sometimes, I wonder who's really the braver, us or cis-people like you (and a few others here) who befriend us.

As for the individual that sent the PMs out...I seriously doubt s/he considered or even cared who s/he PM'd. Some of them go thru the member's list and PM people who've been inactive - I've never understood the purpose in that. About the only good such PM's have done as far as I know was to cause long inactive members to drop in.

Some of these spammers target active people...most likely because they figure their spam is sure to be received, and in turn the chances their crap will be read.

Then of course, there are some that simply lump us in with all the adult/porn sites out there - we are compared to and considered no different than those in the sex trade. Therefore, again...no reason to consider whether a person is male, female, trans, cis, gay, or anything else.

Thanks for understanding, Del. PM any one of us anytime there is a problem.


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