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Am setting new lifestyle of cross dressers on Youtube

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Let me begin with first starting the topic as in entertainment to leisure activity to using time to

efficient to quality purposes as possible & whenever I had free time. Some things were learn’t by

trial & error while others occurred naturally. In order to accomplish what I have achieved & still

discovering new possibilities day by day, was very difficult at first in the beginning but not

impossible to now just another change of clothes routine or sip some different way coffee.

I am a straight religious believer in god which anyone going abroad to study should see the gravity

of the situation in living abroad. As I am experiencing certain situations regarding

some individuals living on university campuses I am discovering the pitfalls or major blocks.

Beginning to see the realities of international males life in everyday and all walks of life areas

to government buildings to any major important decision making authority.

Lastly it's a personal choice away from spending lots of money to finding a third hobby for different

mindset or privilege groups, using free time beside the routine and not any pressure from anyone or


•A daily journal about your life and experiences

Well I am waiting to publish a book for my experiences but an average day would be something

as since am living alone.

•A journal documenting when you go full time

You can see when one is totally comfortable into cross dressing versus when not upto the

full mood, so one can choose the right moments as to what will be achieve to when one might

hit or miss on which days per say.

•A journal to document your gender reassignment surgery

Sorry not into this topic since being Islamic beliefs but really nothing to do with religion

but I am very comfortable being myself as male & female. But using her when in need at times.

•Dating experiences and tips

Oh I have made so many new serious friends to good pals from both genders its amazing what

cross gender role can do for one in another platform or level altogether! Now sometimes

my buddies or sisters like hangouts in happoween to special occasion events.

•Crossdressing tips

There are so many fields but all I can say learning new ways by practicing same in and out

dressing up as enfemme or fine tuning to do the same thing better.

part 3

•Experience with makeup

Well first I was reluctant to put anything on as a child always said to myself what is this

gross stuff but when am in dire need to be someone else for a change for the next 2 years

I just think of taking e pills as I did back in university so an cheaper alternative is use to make up

specially but specifically nail polish just turns me on. I am writing a book about all this soon to be


•Passing in public

Oh this is such a amazing topic, first there is the 'awe and shock' to overcome, than after the changing of clothes gets comfortable I say to myself "don't worry be happy", "just do it" and the rest is history.

The passing in public for me comes in 2 dozes, one for passing in high end shopping retail fashion line name brands front of model sales girls and second the more difficult one is in public transport sitting in right in front of freaking 1 foot away. Keeping my composer to act with minimum

noise coming from everyone watching me and keeping a straight eye contact with no one to pass my

ride in the public transport to get to my destination without losing my enfemme mood is my challenge

everyday. But I don't want to get into boners, ooh its mind boggling yet very basic for now lets hope

its stays this way shall we?

Year 2012 overview

•Your experiences when you go out in public

Its all going to be published in a book.

•Restroom experiences

Oh my god I didn't see so many beautiful feet but as compared to male WR my god every thing is hush hush but you have the occasional noise breakers to WR security checking on all in here.

•Transitioning at work

No I don't believe in mixing pleasure with work for a fact, I learn't at a very early stage

to not to mix or match otherwise more headache.

•Dealing with counselors or medical personnel


•Introspection about your particular gender identity

Well to be honest I am more male than female or will be like this as I did cross dressing at a very late age rather than back in university I am in my 30's, but better late than never.

in star wars the last prelude episode III, "one should learn all aspects of Jedi instead of dog matic narrow view jedi council" now that I think of it objectively the life possibilities would for sure

would have been different if done at age 18. I am not complaining now better late than never!

Its all going to be published in a book.

•Dealing with or overcoming self-limiting beliefs

Its about religion, in Islamic tradition now has changed for the totally open society since the addition of hijra's are accepted to run for the President in my birth country I am tri holder of passports.

So we have to look at inner self of what will be possible for our children in less than 20 years the

movies theme to general fashion clothes wear etc.

•Dealing with addictions

I have to be in self check not to go over board since I go for the maximum when I know if capable of, therefore just to keep in check I have log list of whatever I wanted for the day versus crossing off as in prodocts etc. One has to learn to control the behaviour of self by praying in the Friday prayers to cross level headed routine not to go overboard. Since I am working in 2 different careers I have learn't to control its easy but don't abuse power its very easy too.

•Dealing with self-destructive behaviors

In public transport when I am sitting or someone comes and sits in front of me with silly abnoxious noises to what not regardless of male or female, can't bear the obvious repeatitive behaviour from another person in public.

•Interactions with police or government workers oh lets not get this up close. But had a close interaction with security guard at mall but that was that, nothing happened.

•Changing your drivers license, birth certificate, etc.

No its against my personal belief to keep it safe.

•Applying for jobs


•Your big day, when you go full time

Weekends both or all three fri sat or sunday, yeah.

•Hormonal development (please don't discuss dosages or make medical type recommendations)


•Experiences with electrolysis

still have to try it one day but I stick to shaving regularly so to keep my both genders as real as possible.

•How other members of your new gender react to you, and your experiences

I mean it gets obvious living with 6 blokes where is he why is going out so much per week why is he so interested in out goings yet not staying in. There is only so much one can do out side being male whether a student or working professional.

•Your recommendations to others about to follow your path

Please watch my youtube channel on specific to very detailed to professional or casual cross dressing.

•Your thoughts about whether surgery is necessary to be your desired gender

Not at all, any one can do it except an very obese person or doing it public.

•Differences in how you feel dressed or not dressed

Way to much difference to discuss in text. I remember while back in university

I was with blokes who used to go for rave parties yet some introduced Ecstacy pill or

hardcore ones took LSD but I was typical old school so I went with the minimum approach of

doing e pill, and made my mind up this is exactly who I can be in future when in hotspots

for cross dresser as a girl. But seriously I still want to James Bond! he he.

•What your life would be like if you still repressed your inner identity

I don't even want discuss about it since it is mind boggling how far I have come to

where I could have ended up per fact. Let me give an example, after quiting my job

it took me 6 to 9 months to get re-hired on self before cross dressing

instead of financial reasons since following back on family support.

But after age 30 when losing another high stake job I got rehired in 5 other related similiar field jobs but not staying at one employment for a fact for professional purposes. So after CDS-ing I have increased output to 5 times more than pre Cross dressing with out using any outside substance such as e pill or whatever! I have started wrighting articles like crazy not about cross dressing but of life

using resources such as driving my own car little be little to using public transport

being green per fact. This code of conduct honestly speaking is powerful & it only goes to show one the strength of within self.

•Poetry or prose

Its like a Rose inside a Lily on planet X. More to come in future. Check my channel on youtube


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