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Overcoming transfer of m to f after 8 days of living as male!

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I did cds-ing after 10 days, it felt so new & wonderful to be back in physical stage versus "dreaming state of mind" at nights or fantacy in "Artificial reality". The transition was as from one world to another in matter of seconds or as in teleportation in space to another planet. From fantasy to doing it reality or alternate state of mind or even parallel universe.

But to convert from male clothes to female was very difficult for first 15 minutes even though I have done it before under 2 minutes, but after initial change of clothes from pants to tights and sleeve less blouse went to 3 shopping malls where 2 as enfemme and 1 as male, the speed of walking to eye contact to slow movements was just as perfect as I did cds-ing 10 days ago.

Watch me on Youtube channel crossdressing001

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