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Today was the first time....



So, today was the first time in the last couple of years that someone called me sir. For a while I was like O.O WHAT? Then I was amazed. Apparently, recently I've been doing really well at passing, I bind during work since I only work 4 hours it doesn't cause too much damage and my coworkers accept me as tyler. Customers don't really say I'm a male or female they simply say "The one with the short hair" It makes me very happy that I'm doing well and starting to pass....

There was one downside to today and it's the fact that the woman who said sir apologized for the mistake when she saw my legal name. I told her my situation and she then got confused and just looked around and told me where to go to pay my tuition.

My next dilemma is notifying my winterim/spring professors, so we don't get the mistake....

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