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I guess I just wanted to rant.



So this is angering me. I'm honestly, contemplating not going back to my club next semester. I hate being the only one doing any work and when i make a suggestion like a trans awareness day, and my teacher suggests talking to parents about coming out as LGB, nobody really talks about the T, parents hear this over and over again... the ones that would attend this anyway. I feel like nobody cares. the only services my surrounding area offers is support groups. I want to inform more people. Everytime i made a suggestion it's "Not important" Well what is important then?


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I know this is easier said than done...but to not go back could be exactly what some of them want. But I can surely understand not wanting to be where you're not wanted.

I think you need to see if you and the other guy you mentioned in one of your posts (I think the one that doesn't attend those G/S Alliance meetings) can become good friends. At least you'd have each other to back each other. Maybe in time... others will seek you out. Intersex. Androgynous. Outlaws. Etc. They gotta be there, and if you all came together...it could be the beginning of a new and better group. Of course, some just might not want the exposure. One of the reasons is most likely exactly what you are experiencing right now.


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I've sort of been friends with the other guy since last fall, but he's graduating this semester.

I hope that, after next semester when I focus my efforts and try to make more friends within the community, I can find people who support and can help make something beautiful for the entire LGBT community. I know, it's a long shot but everyones always told me that I really should be some sort of therapist (I give way better advice in person than online). I know my target school has a very active Pride Alliance but I think I'm going to make it a future goal to make a center on my side of New Jersey for LGBT people, outside of the occasional support group.

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