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A start and a little about me

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Hello Everyone,

First, let me welcome you to my blog. I am Amber and these posts will most likely end up as my random thoughts when I have time to write them. Second, let me give you a quick back story. I am a life long crossdresser, I remember being about 4 years old the first time I snuck into my mothers clothes. It was about the age of 6, my mother caught me for the first time and I really truly felt like something wasn't right. I also for the first time realized I was going to have to hide what I truly felt, otherwise it was just going to be trouble. I managed to make it until my early 20's before I drunkenly stumbled upon my dad in the kitchen one night, in full drag, after partying with my now wife. Let's just say it still hasn't been brought up since. A side from my wife, there are not many people in my life who understand. She is an absolute angel and I can never thank her enough for everything she does and puts up with. She is a brilliant, strong woman who has the biggest heart of anyone I know.


Flash forward to now, we live our day to day lives, I work 1st shift at a factory. No one there knows. Once I'm home after a long day, I can be myself ... to an extent. My wife's one request was to keep things from our son, at least until he was older, as to not sway his own perceptions. I am fine with this, it just makes it extremely hard sometimes. Otherwise, I live a pretty awesome life, very active outdoors, try to be as socially active as I can stand, very happy just sewing away in my little craft corner. I express myself how and when I can, which has lead me to start modeling, I've been doing it a little over a year now and I am currently waiting on my 3rd set of images to come from the photographer. It is so much fun and really satisfies a nagging itch to create something beautiful. Well that's all for now. Gotta go start dinner :) Until next time.

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Hi Amber,

Welcome to TG Guide! I'm surprised I haven't read your post until now and that I'm the first to comment. Anyway, you're more than welcome here and I encourage you to explore, add your thoughts and comments, and publish more posts on your blog. I'd love to hear more about you and your life.

TG Guide is an amazing oasis in the Internet, thankfully with both MTF and FTM transgender people. Some (like me) in early stages of understanding themselves and others living their lives as transmen/transwomen, some happily living with their birth sex and others in transition or fully transitioned. For me it's an ideal place to connect with others, enjoy some support and companionship, and to explore and learn.

I'm glad for you that your wife is so understanding and supportive. Isn't it amazing how wonderful that is?



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