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Bummed out

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It feel like no one what to hang out with me. And maybe do girly things. When people talk about going out for drink or something. I get very down. I've gotten to be a pro at it not getting to me for that moment. But once I'm alone I sink. O well I guess.

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Have you looked into if there are any support groups in your area? For instance, in my area there are is a large group of trans* people who go out several times a week and on weekends ranging from comedy clubs, bowling to dinner and have been doing it for longer than I can remember. They also have a Yahoo group to notify members what is going on for the week and its constant activities. Heck many of the places they go they get special treatment because they are regulars and not because they are any different than anyone else.

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I agree completely with Karen but I also certainly understand your feelings. TG Guide is so great but it's not a replacement for getting together with friends and, possibly, making new friends while fully being ourselves. I hope you do look in your area for groups. Even here, you could tell us where you are and there may be recommendations.

You may be "getting to be a pro" at not letting your feelings come out but that's a hard way to live. Good for you that you told us about what's going on for you. At least we can try to offer some help or a patient and accepting ear.

Be well,


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