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The Bi Polar in me !

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After 3+ years of cds-ing on & off, my peers have analyzed & fine tuned my personality to being a better responsible transgender person. Not that before I was performing in difficult times or any way's!

After some difficult experiences with other member's of public, I have talked about certain issues in order how to deal with impossible issues to future similar situations.

Some people go one way (in terms of gender living as in one state) while others stay on & off that is me.

Sometimes we have to be on defence versus offence in one gender or vice versa while being defence in another gender! A lot of the forums posts that are worth or termed serious, one can easily see the ladies ( m to f) get hurt repeatedly for lack of experience to financial to plain unknown factor's! While analyzing same problems I learned NOT to repeat those same mistakes by those ladies and stopped altogether performing cds-ing sometimes for 3-4 weeks in contrast doing every second day! If I wouldn't halted my emotion less state could have been in another mood let's put it that way! I have truly adapted my bi- polar personality & its NOT as simple as one can imagine. I cherish the time to pause bad experiences briefly & proceed with amazing experience next, simply! I was born a man, a simple man, wish to remain simple all the way yet perform the bi-polar inside me.Maybe when technology arrives to perfect anti agiing life for next 150 years that's when I will go for surgery.

Watch It's weekend-What R U doing, Coming out one's Shell & Reboot-Watch part 6B Mobile version

Visit outcast-all.com or Shazy Jeo on YouTube :)

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