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So, Ive decided to start a blog..

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Not sure whether this is the right thing for me to do, to start a Blog. Firstly, I feel that my grasp of the english language is not really very good, and secondly, I tend to lose enthusiasm pretty quickly.

I probably could also bore the pants of anyone who decides to read it!

Well, If any of you have read my profile, I do reside in the UK. Those of you whom may not of noticed will see that I am of asian origin. In fact my parents are originally from Hong Kong. This is where I am for the next 16 days aswell.

I've taken the oportunity to experiment with makeup which is easily available here, but not so readily available in the UK. In my thinking, I've decided to buy Japanese makeup here, as it should suit my asian skin better?? Well thats my excuse for just buying makeup here I guess.

I'm really not enjoying myself as much as I should be. I came here with a sore throat, and I'm struggling with it. I've also found out the best way of dispersing people who maybe overcrowding you on the buses or underground. Just have a coughing fit, and watch everyone cover their mouths and walk away from you. They seem to think I have bird flu!

Anyway.. enough of my ramblings! A shopping trip awaits me tomorrow morning!

Goodnight xx

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There is no right or wrong way to write a blog here, the important thing is to say what is on your mind, how you are feeling. Many times writing things out can invoke a emotion or two from yourself and the readers. Of course we all can learn from a blog or you can learn from us.

If you never write a blog then those things may be unrealized.

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Hi Jennilee,

Good for you to start a blog! And even better, to go shopping in HK. I've been there several times (often to Shenzhen too) and really like it there. Kind of hot and humid in the summer, though.

Too bad about your sore throat and cold and hope you feel much better soon.


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Hi Jennilee,

No offence to our US cousins, but it's great to hear from some one else in the UK, I hope that you continue to blog, I fear that others might get bored with mine! :-)



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