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  1. freemouse added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    I havent worn nylons in decades. Even under my wedding dress i had bare legs, that damn dress was uncomfortable enough already.
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  2. freemouse added a post in a topic Favorite Colors   

    Steel blue
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  3. freemouse added a post in a topic Killer stole women's underwear and took pics of himself   

    I agree the sick part is the abuse and murder, I hate that they focus on the panties and stuff, just trying to sell papers. This has nothing to do with gender identity and everything to do with being a killer. Media is constantly ticking me off.
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  4. freemouse added a post in a topic Favorite Colors   

    Bubblegum pink

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  5. freemouse added a post in a topic Private Messages   

    Hey i just got a weird one too. it wasnt really what you would call 'inappropriate' like no cussing or filth, just from someone wanting to be emailed privately. whatever.
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  6. freemouse added a post in a topic Briton is recognised as world's first officially genderless person   

    I think this person needed more counseling before embarking on their grs.
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  7. freemouse added a post in a topic Bonnie's Absence   

    Oh Bonnie I am so sorry you are all having to go through this, it's got to be horrible. I really think that as hard as it is, it is the best thing. Hard to believe i'm sure because of all the pain. To be honest, i didn't understand what benefit there was really to her with you coming back home. does she really want a husband there who is just 'acting' the part? As a wife myself, I can't imagine wanting my husband to stick around if i knew that he was only playing a part, what's the point. As far as your kids are concerned, I think they will come around. they will understand that what happened here was no ones fault, intent is what matters, and you never wanted in any way to hurt anyone. They are just kinda in shock, and reacting protectively with their mother. No human being can be happy unless they can be their true selves, especially with their loved ones, and you never had that.
    I'm sure the rest of the month is going to be stressful on you and your family until you move, i wish the best for you. Love Kim
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  8. freemouse added a post in a topic Bonnie's Absence   

    Oh Bonnie I was worried that this would happen. I was worried that you were going back because of the cancer diagnoses, and who could blame you for wanting to be surrounded by a safety net of people who love you when you are facing something scary. I wondered if after you settled in there and were finishing up with your treatment and getting back to your life, that you would be less afraid, and maybe feel even more that you need to be true to yourself. There is no easy answer, I am thinking about you though.
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  9. freemouse added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Dawn congratulations on your ongoing weight loss! I am hell-bent to lose some weight before summer as I want to wear short sleeves and tank tops and not see my sausage like arms. thank the lord I am tall so i dont look completely beach ball like, but i could sure lose 20 pounds and look much better. less jimmy dean like. so cough up the secret!
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  10. freemouse added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Lizeth it's a real cute picture! Love the glasses and hair. Welcome! ~Kim
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  11. freemouse added a post in a topic Had to throw away my wardrobe, damn!!!   

    That's a bummer Janey, you had some cool outfits. Did you actually have to throw all the stuff out? The boots too? You did not throw those boots out! That had to be tough. Do you wear the clothes with your wife around, or does she not want you to dress period? I'm not sure quitting is likely being you enjoy it so much, just may have to keep a little more quiet about it. ~Kim
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  12. freemouse added a post in a topic Thomas Beatie   

    This has been a very interesting thread to read. I think all parties have been very thoughtful in their posts. I can only give perspective from a non tg person, but I believe that for the greater good of the ts/tg community, I have to lean towards GirlInside's view. I think if there had already been much progress made in the acceptance of tg folks by the general public, it may be great to begin showing the lifestyles of folks like Thomas Beattie, but I know that from what I see in my day to day life, and from working in a predominantly male office of all sorts of guys, blue collar, white collar and everything in between, stories like this do not further the acceptance of tg folks in their mind, it is the opposite. Pretty much a story like this is viewed by the general public as something pretty freakish. If the tg people do gain general acceptance down the road, it won't be through hearing stories like this, or by seeing the media go ape over over-the-,top drag queens, but by a slow assimilation of transgendered folks into their spaces, ie: work, school, TV and community in a non threatening and non-sensationalized way. I personally would love for that to happen. I'm not saying I like that this is the way it is, quite the contrary. But this is the way I see it.
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  13. freemouse added a post in a topic Thomas Beatie   

  14. freemouse added a post in a topic Beatie again...   

    Sorry, but I just like to rile up Michael :ph34r:
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  15. freemouse added a topic in Transgender News & Happenings   

    Beatie again...
    The dude will be on Larry King tonight 9pm Eastern. I've seen enough of him myself. Why can't he just go away and have have the kid and shut up? I don't mind him having the kid, I mind him being on my TV.
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  16. freemouse added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Me too, me too!
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  17. freemouse added a post in a topic Thomas Beatie   

    Why does he have to be so public about it. I mean I know it shows and everything, but why go on Oprah, and Barbara Walters, why not just have the baby like everyone else does, just family and friends and stuff. Why broadcast it to the world. I'm not saying he should 'hide' it, I'm just asking him to get on with his life however he wants to do it and get off of my tv.
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  18. freemouse added a post in a topic Labor of Love   

    That does make sense and I was wondering the exact same thing. When you want something badly it can be hard to understand why someone else wouldn't want it also. I can't think of one man I know that I think would actually even consider carrying a child. My husband who is sweet, sensitive and kind would run to the nearest adoption center instead. I think it's so cool hearing everyone's opinion on this topic.
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  19. freemouse added a post in a topic Labor of Love   

    I agree, but I do think it is goona make it harder for this guy to be seen as a guy by most people. I mean even harder than it probably already was. I was a gg who was not able to give birth to my own children (eggs to old), but if it was offered to my husband to carry the kid, he would have chosen to adopt I'm sure. But I don't feel any different about this guy, I just think the general public does not think it's cool.
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  20. freemouse added a post in a topic Labor of Love   

    A male giving birth is pretty unnatural on this planet. I'm not criticizing the guy, but the general public ain't goona get it. They believe that childbirth=female, period.
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  21. freemouse added a post in a topic Labor of Love   

    Thats what I thought too, well said.
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  22. freemouse added a post in a topic Labor of Love   

    I was at work today listening to WJR talk radio, and the morning host, a very well liked and popular guy named Frank Beckman, brought up this particular story. I was interested of course, the topic wasnt discussed very long but in it he said "why on earth would a man ever want to carry a child". He could not believe that a ftm transsexual would actually get pregnant and carry a child, toward the end of the piece when he read some of the story over the air, he stopped and said "and let's stop calling this person a he, this is not a he. He's don't have babies. This is not a shock jock by any means, just an AM morning show. He usually has politicians on and talks about those issues, like our own Detroit's idiotic loser of a mayor. So I was thinking about what he said, and I must admit that if i knew a ftm and they were pregnant, I would have a very difficult time thinking about them as being male. Not that it makes him wrong for carrying a baby, but not male. I don't know, i will keep pondering it. Just thinking out loud as usual.
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  23. freemouse added a post in a topic 20 Worst Foods   

    Holy carp, i have eaten my fair share of the Chili's Awesome Blossom in my life. No wonder I'm always bloated :ph34r:
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  24. freemouse added a post in a topic Pictures of me in jeans   

    Susanna those jeans look great on you! Do they have any stretch in them? The ones with a little stretch really hug the body. Once you wear the stretch jeans you never want to go back. I don't think you need smaller ones, those look like they fit just right! Can't wait to see the knee boots those are so cool. I can't wear the knee boots because my calves are too big but i think you will look good in them. ~Kim
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  25. freemouse added a post in a topic a few wig questions...   

    MIWBJ those are excellent questions. I don't have any experience with wigs myself, but as a casual observer out in the world, questions 3 and 4 are paramount. I think a wig makes itself known the most when the wearer disregards the third question you ask. When it looks so unnatural with their head/face shape, alarms go off. Same with the coloring and undertones of the wig. Pay close attention to the undertones of the wig, me for instance, I love golden blond hair. I like it so much that for years I made my hair lady put golden highlights in my already light hair. It wasn't until a month ago, when she said my hair was getting too gold, we should tone it down a little. We went 'ash', and man did that make a difference. I was born with 'ash' undertones, not golden, and right away my skin looked better, way better, my eyes looked bluer. Yea I don't have the gold hair i love, but I look so much better it's ok with me. Don't get a tone that goes against what mother nature gave you. You can go lighter or darker, but stay true to your 'tone'. I've done a lot of rambling for someone who knows 'nothing' about wigs, hopefully someone else will help! -Kim
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