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  1. MayaZ

    Transgender Inmates

    Michael - I know exactly what you mean, but in conjunction with the Advocate article I linked to and the fact that one of the major talking points at Occupy Wall Street is public health care, I think we may actually get such rights for ordinary people. As a backup, I looked into it and one could get a pretty minimal amount of time in federal prison for any amount greater than zero hits and less than one sheet of acid. Seems like a pretty nice way to get locked up, not for too long, and the crime hurts absolutely nobody.
  2. MayaZ

    Transgender Inmates

    Bonnie: Simul-post. That's exactly what I was getting at. When you see GRS as a financial impossibility, this makes it pretty tempting to try to rob a bank. Succeed and you can afford it. Fail and you go to federal prison, where it's offered freely. So, you could be in a proper body and be in prison for up to 20 years or potentially spend more than 20 years, probably the rest of your life, in a prison that is your own body. Hmmm...
  3. MayaZ

    Transgender Inmates

    Fantastic. Now, if only we could get the same treatment for transgender people who didn't commit crimes that land them in federal prisons. Then again, if this is any indication: http://www.advocate.com/printArticle.aspx?id=231051 , we may well be on our way.
  4. Mikala - Certainly. First of all, there's some basic tips (with an obvious brand bias) over at http://www.covergirl.com and much more detailed explanations for specific looks at http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan . The best personal tip I can give is don't go overboard. There are a lot of types of makeup out there, but you don't need to use them all (actually, a lot of them serve really similar purposes for the same areas). I use liquid foundation (foundation will probably be a makeup essential), generic waterproof mascara, generic light violet eye shadow (with purple above my lids), and Born With It lipstick. I specify Born With It because it's the only color I've found that seems really natural for my face. Then again, I really go for the natural look. You may very well want to cover your face in white powder, clump on mascara and eye liner, and get the deepest red lipstick you can for all I know. What's more, it might work for you. Oh, and an eyelash curler and tweezers help a lot, too. If you're planning on living as a man in your day-to-day life, thinning out your eyebrows may be a little weird, but it makes a big difference. I can't help out with hair at all because I put absolutely no effort into my hair. It just kind of falls into place, other than my ahoge. But hey, it's a good look for my hair type and facial structure (very thin, straight hair and a long face [why the long face, Lincoln? genetics?])
  5. Sadly, this is nothing new. It's the rhetoric that's been consistently used when people have been trying to persuade people that we don't deserve the same rights as others and it is a pervasive argument in mainstream society. Just look at any public forum when an issue comes up in the news, like the Cosmopolitan escapade. And it's clear that people simply will not let go of these beliefs because of any appeal to reason or compassion. The only way people can empathize with our situation is by knowing us personally and, as I've said before, the more we feel free to exist in society, the less we'll stay closeted and for less time, which gives more people exposure to us, which increases our level of acceptance, which makes more of us less scared to exist in society. It's a pleasant cycle. :)
  6. Hey maya , you are a cutie hun , look at your new picture .. take care sweetheat . hugs

  7. Hey maya , you are a cutie hun , look at your new picture .. take care sweetheat . hugs

  8. Actually, I guess it would have to be mutual lack of attraction to avoid offense the most, right? Like, if you're a lesbian, a gay man must pat you down. And then, bisexual people are no longer allowed to work for airports or ride on airplanes ever and genderqueer people would have to be asked about attraction with every single customer. On one hand, that would be terrible to bi people, but it would throw a huge wrench in standard notions of sexual orientation by forcing people en masse to question their sexualities by being asked if they find genderqueer people attractive before their flights. I can just see it now... TSA Agent: "Sir, do you find this person attractive?" Customer: "I don't know... Is that a man or a woman?" TSA Agent: "Neither, sir. Do you find this person attractive?" Customer: "uhhh..."
  9. Michael - Considering there are people of all genders sexually attracted to all genders and perversion by some people focused on every individual aspect of every type of person, we really ought to just set it up so that nobody in society ever has to touch or see or hear any other person. That would really keep everyone safe. Alternately, as customers, we could start saying that because we're trans, we're only comfortable being patted down by another trans woman (or man in men's cases). Just think of how many jobs would be created that could only be filled by trans folk!
  10. It is one thing to commit to memory the words of the Buddha and a drastically different thing to understand the words of the Buddha.
  11. My two most recent blog entries were rated as low as possible. I could see a troll coming here and just rating things negatively to stir up trouble, but I don't see it happening with anyone else. Does someone specifically have a problem with me or were the things I said really that terrible? If they were that terrible, why not explain what was bad about what I said? I know I shouldn't let something so little upset me, but I really don't like feeling like a target in the place I have bared my soul...
  12. MayaZ

    The Ten Reasons I Chose to be Trans

    Thanks, Stephani & Kate. I have to give credit to Jonathan Swift (A Modest Proposal) and Tyler Oakley (Why Gay Marriage is Wrong) for being major sources of inspiration. I work well in satire, though I find it the least effectual form of writing. The people who understand that it's satire are the people who stand to gain the least from it and the people who don't understand it are the people who would stand to gain the most from understanding it. C'est la vie.
  13. MayaZ

    Trans Anime

    I can't say that I know of much anime that deals with trans issues (I've read that Japan is actually behind the curve on support for their transgender population), but one that's stuck with me since high school is Please Save My Earth. In actuality, it does not deal with trans issues. It does, however, deal with reincarnation. It's about six scientists who lived on an observatory on the Moon until they all died tragically and were reborn on Earth. There are two boys early on whom the main character suspects are gay, but they explain that they've become somewhat aware of their previous lives and that one of the boys was actually a woman previously. I latched onto that concept for so long because it was the single best expression of how I felt that I'd ever seen portrayed in art. When I fell in love with my wife, I imagined that we had lived before as lesbians and that I had agreed to live as a man so that we could love each other without persecution in our next lives. Please Save My Earth is out of print and rather hard to find these days, but I highly suggest it. Outside of relatability, it's a really beautifully told and animated story. Outside of anime, but inside Japan, Haruki Murakami (one of my very favorite authors) included a gay transman as one of the main characters in Kafka on the Shore, seemingly described to look like Masafumi Goto from Asian Kung-Fu Generation, to me the single most attractive man on Earth: He really did a great job of presenting that barrier to understanding that most people have when it comes to us, which is funny because clearly HE understands in the first place to be writing as such.
  14. MayaZ

    New Album

    Hurray! I finally finished the album I've been working on for the past two years. It's still not going to be officially released until 7/19/11 because I have to pay for the UPC and digital distribution, but I wanted to let everyone here get an advance listen. After all, this is going to be my most public exposure so far as Maya, it was written as a way of coping with my frustration over living as a man, and I probably wouldn't have been around still to finish this if it wasn't for the support I've found, primarily here! Anyway, it's meant to be quite soothing, so if you're in a crappy mood, it might just make you feel better. You can listen at: http://michzimmerman.bandcamp.com/ It's $10 to download the whole album (free for the bonus tracks), but if anyone here would like to download it and can't afford to, I can send a message with a code good for one free download. :)
  15. I wasn't able to go because of schedule conflicts. I hope it went well!