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  1. Went in to a Horton's yesterday and the woman there said to me and my wife "how are you doing ladies."  I was dressed a bit feminine but not overly so.  Still being coded almost daily as a woman and I really an not trying to go out of my way to make myself look like a woman.  Dawn

  2. It appears the site is working again - Hurrah!  And I do like the new changes in format.  Dawn


    1. Lori


      Thanks for your feedback. We have a lot of options on how to rearrange the forum layout so let me know if you have suggestions. 

    2. Dawn13


      I will give it a gentle hard look and give feedback soon

      Appreciate this site - it has meant a lot to me.  :)

  3. Fun and enjoyable day yesterday. Got fitted for glasses at Lens crafters.  I purchased a very feminine woman's frame.  The lady added that my blue eyes and eyelashes really showed well and the smaller frame accented my roundish face well.  She said this could be my "fun glasses" for maybe when I go dancing.  While getting my new glasses, I was completely in women's sporty looking clothing;  sport top, Levi tight stretch jeans with small woman's belt, women's body warmer sleeveless jacket, women's running shoes, earrings and necklace, nails shaped and polished; all women's;  including bra and pink panties underneath.  I was called mam twice.  Again my voice did not seem to change how I was treated; as a woman.

  4. Over 20,000 views of my site.  This count is mind boggling.  Maybe I can be a good influence to those I impact.  Dawn


    1. Dawn13


      This photo represents the best of how I feel and look today.  I have changed quite a bit since I joined this site. Lost weight, longer hair, pierced ears, some breast growth, smooth small and shapely muscles, beard gone.  I have reshaped and modified myself as much as I could with out going through extensive surgeries.  Now much more feminine in body I am and much more aware of my being transgender.  I love it when I look and feel like a woman.  This is where I am and I think this is where I will remain.  I expect I will take a few more steps toward physical and inward beauty. (Ask me)  Thanks to all of you who have positively critiqued my photos,logs and blogs.  I love and respect to all of you - Dawn

  5. Was on a trip recently and stopped at a rest area to go to the restroom.  There were two attendances' there one woman and one man.  Both of them tried to tell me when it looked like I was heading for the men's room; "the women's room is over here" "here is the women's room" and show me where the women's restrooms were.  This actually occurred three times so when I finally found the men's room I proceeded directly to a closed toilet.  I am sure they thought I was in the wrong restroom.  Also,I was concerned that the men that were in there were thinking I was in the wrong bathroom.  Actually I was pleased with this confusion but I just wanted to do my duty and move on.  I was really not trying to look female on this occasion but again I guess I did.

    1. Dawn13


      yes - I was wearing a bra - my breasts are more than subtle now. 

      Photo is from a couple of weeks ago with my own hair showing.

      D - 1.jpg

  6. Today my wife helped me purchase two bras.  She has told me she really has noticed my expanding breasts and that I really need a bra now. My breasts are now almost a C cup and I am needing support.  What a change from three years ago when I was barely an A.  Something about hormone changes as I have aged and that I have taken a few hormone products to actually reverse this, and just the opposite has occurred.  I am actually happy that I have girls on my chest now.  Something else has been occurring even though I have been trying to workout a lot, my muscles are now softer and smaller than they used to be.  Lately I have been asking for help from even girls to lift things, as I am now feel weaker; defiantly age and my overall genetics are playing their part in this. I was always told I had beautiful legs, now the muscle appears to be less; they really look like girls legs.  Just yesterday a gate guard called me mam. "Have a good day Mam."  My long hair, thin body and earrings I am sure contributed to this; I just said "thank you" and enjoyed the mixed gender characterization of my body. Dawn

    1. Dawn13


      My wife just helped me try on some bras that she was considering giving away.  My breasts fitted in them. I can wear them now.  As I have gotten larger breasts she is actually getting smaller ones.  Whow!  Dawn

    2. Dawn13


      I was taking a testosterone booster as my T was very low. My wife wanted me to stay overall masculine in appearance.  However, it appears that my body is now converting most of the supplement into estrogen and my E level is now quite high.  The medication disclaimer does say it can work in reverse for some people.

  7. Ears just pierced, wearing two small Zirconium ones - Hard to believe I waited 6 decades to get this done - What a feeling of freedom.

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Ronnie Virga

      Fabulous. Getting mine done soon too!


    2. Dawn13


      Thank you - it was a good decision - now the whole world of earrings are now possible - cannot wait until I am healed and can wear larger more feminine ones - any ideas?  Maybe a drop style.  Was just at the stylist today and my hair is now way down my back and colored blond.  Now this with my earrings the change is no longer subtitle rather I now look much more like a woman, even in guys clothes. 

      Other changes - Even my muscles look more like a girls.  Just had a physical two days ago and apparently my T level is way down, way below normal.  My natural estrogen level also appears to be up likely above normal.  Wondered why I was feeling fatigued lately and appearing to lose some muscle.

      ear 2.jpg


  8. 10,000 views of my site have just occurred.  Wow what a marker.  If you get a chance tell me what you like about my postings?  I have learned a lot about myself in the last 5 years and have enjoyed all of the discussions with all of you who understand my inner feelings, and why I wish to feel feminine.


    1. Ronnie Virga

      Ronnie Virga

      Hi Dawn.

      Your postings helped me find a "better" way to deal with what I'm dealing with. Like so many others that share on this site, it's nice to be able to say "Thanks" for helping me find my way. I will try and pay that forward.

      Hope you have a Blessed and Safe Holiday Season.



      PS - Fab Pics ! :) 


  9. Longer shoulder length hair - let it all out last night - called mam twice last night at a restaurant we were going to.  I guess I cannot dress male eneough as my hair and face lead people to think of me as female.


  10. Just yesterday I was at a hotel getting ready for a swim meet the next day; arms and legs shaved, very tan, wearing sandels and very short denim shorts, wearing my now longer ponytail, and the desk clerk called me mam twice.  Was not trying to disquise my voice at all but did not seem to matter.  He even opened the door for and would have helped me with my bags if I had not told him I could do this without his help.  Boy this made me feel quite feminine.

  11. A new name this weekend - Called "Babe" by one of the life guards as I was heading for the pool.  My hair was in a pony tail and I was in red biking outfit.


  12. Have been following all the Jenner news.  This has stirred some of my recent thinking.  What is the core of why we have our feelings and want so much to change.  I think there is a certain desire to see ourselves as beautiful.  Women express this better than almost all men.  When I put on a dress I feel changed.  When I see other men I see most of them as lazy/unkempt, fat/heavy and scuzzy.  This is the excepted image of most men.  I do not fit this image and I know I am stared at a lot by other men, usually in restrooms, who do not expect a beautiful looking man.  When I look beautiful (Handsome) day-to-day, I am often mistaken for a girl, even when in unisex or masculine clothing.  I usually do not go out of my way but I am well groomed, very tan, fit and now have longer styled blond hair.  I think some of why I wish I could change is rooted in the concept of beauty - and if men could also be beautiful in what is currently a woman's norm early in life - I think fewer would be unhappy with their body image and fewer would want to change.  Here is another thought.  I think is more acceptable to be changed completely into a woman than it is to dress and adorn ones self in a similar fashion.  Yes, I would love to wear a colorful attractive dress and show off my small waist and still not try to hide that I have a somewhat feminine looking male body.  However, I feel less anxiety when I go through the complete effort of hiding any maleness as I look completely like a woman.  Also, I actually feel safer in woman mode as I do not see myself as a homosexual; not wishing for men to lust for me in this fashion.

  13. Monica - Trying to figure out our new site. My voice is very male sounding so you might be surprised even though I can be quite feminine in appearance. I hope to join a telecom soon but must be on a day my wife is out. 

    My wife has become a bit jealous of time I spend with my transgender friends.  And I know she would not like to overhear my conversation as she now wants me to limit my time on this site.  She does understand, but we have been going to counseling with the goal of containing my transgender tendencies so we will remain married (And I do love her). 

    This is all good and I do appreciate your friendship.  I know I will talk to you someday.  I still try to grasp with who I am in a world that makes it hard to allow me to be me.  Love and Kisses - Dawn :)


    1. MonicaPz



      Thank you for your patience with the upgrades on TGGuide.  Most of all, there will be an increase in security.

      Many of our married members are dealing with the same issues as you.

      Yours truly,


  14. Was sighing up for a sporting event today and before I spoke up I was directed to the womens packet pickup.

  15. Many family things to deal with of late - hoping to post some newer feelings and photos soon.

    1. MonicaPz


      Dawn, welcome back!

  16. Today was a milestone - 8,000 friends/people have viewed my page/s.

  17. Today was a milestone - 8,000 people have viewed my page/s.

  18. Was with a girls running group the other day and I had a person come over to me and call me Lana twice. Still not trying to dress as a girl - but believed to be one.

  19. Called a lady at a running expo - I think both my hair and body contributed to the comment as I was wearing normal male clothing.

  20. Made it to 138.8 pounds. My wife thinks I can go for 135. Big news was I was called ma'am twice and lady once in the same day. Also, men have been opening doors for me. All of this while I have been wearing my guys clothes. My wife said she thinks both my smaller body and my longer hair is making me look even more feminine. She said to me as long as I don't say anything (voice) I could likely shop in the womens area of a store and no one would notice me as a guy. I plan to post...

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    2. tbirdgal


      KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK , young lady !

    3. tbirdgal


      clean out yer P- M box.

    4. Dawn13


      Done - thanks.

  21. Got to 140 last week - Only a couple pounds to go. Losing weight seems to take forever.

  22. Thinking about the election.

    1. tbirdgal


      So am I , been tryin to get people to sign a petition to "Draft " me in .........

    2. UsernameOptional


      Politics give me a headache...

  23. I am now focusing on the election and all of the changes that have occured in the last four years. Likley you all would be suprised who I am supporting but based on the economy I really see no other choice. I hope eveyone is doing well as now I have a little more time to check in. Most of my family concerns of the last few months have subsidded

    1. Lori


      I've learned that the transgender community is rather politically diverse. Hope all is well with you Dawn. :)

  24. Have spring fever - Been away a while - I see there have been many changes - Hoping all the best for everyone.

  25. Winter 2011 - Happy new year all. Have some great Halloween photos of my Avatar coming soon - Called ma'am several times recently.

    Oct -When on a hike as a girl - No one made notice - Of course this is what I hope for.

    Sept - Back from the States - Nothing else exciting to say.