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  1. OKay, I forgot that I had an account here, and here I been seeking friends many places except forums. I guess I should start looking at my sisters at forums and see if I can find friendship that way because FB, Twitter, YouTube; no-one really wants to ever chat or be-friend me :(

    1. UsernameOptional


      There are a lot of good discussions here - join in. If you want to chat, TGG also has a chatroom. Just clik on the "Home" tab above which will take you to the TGG website, then clik on the "Chat" link.

    2. JessicaGLove


      Thank you for the information :)

    3. PlagueBubonic


      omg!! all you need to do is whistle and ppl here will chat you up in bunches

      Hey dear this is a good start as you can see ;)

  2. Looking for new friends

    1. PlagueBubonic


      you just got a ton of them my dear >;)

  3. Happy Birthday Jessica!

  4. This week sucks so far