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  1. SophieTaylor

    Changing priorities

    Dear Caroline, What does "to be normal" mean? Normality is just the average madness of the population. You did right when you decided not to be "normal" intead of being yourself. I hope your body will transform to fit your inner self-portrait as soon as possible. Hugs, Sophie
  2. 1st anniversary of my HRT. :)

  3. SophieTaylor

    One year

    Howdy, I worte a summarzing post about 1st anniversary of my HRT and blogging. Hugs, Sophie
  4. SophieTaylor


    Dear Caroline, I'm sure you'll be over yor divorce problem and your life will rise. Your HRT seems right to me. Oh, how I liked to have Zoladex or some similar GnRH depot injection. But in Hungary it's almost impossible. I could get it supported by social security if I would have prostata cancer. Well, I haven't got such problem and hopefully I newer will have. The full price such injections costs 10% of my salary which is rather high by Hungarian standards. One 3-months injection costs as much as the testicle removal surgery. So I had to choose the latter... In case of relationships I got to the same point than you. I tried to meet men, but they were abusive or just too harsh. So I found out that the company of women -GGs or other MtFs- fits me better. :$ So I became lesbian as well, totally in contrast to my original feelings and imaginations. I wish you luck with the surgery team! Hugs, Sophie
  5. SophieTaylor


    Thank you both, you're so kind! :)
  6. I like the new profile photo. you look natural and happy. good picture

  7. SophieTaylor


    Hello all, I posted here very long ago. There's a post in my main blog about my past few months and the great events affected me in that time. Hugs, Sophie
  8. i love your attitude and selfawareness. it is as refreshing as morning dew on my lips ;-}

  9. Hi Sophie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Sophie! :)