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  1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

  2. Love yourself and others will love you!

  3. Everyday is a new adventure,make the best of it,we only live once...

    1. PlagueBubonic


      Welcome Ms. Sweetisraeli to the guide I love your comment ;) and I totally agree with it. Sug have fun here and I hope to see you around the neighbor hood. Peace Out

      (!!!) (=^.^=) (!!!)

    2. Lori


      Nice to see you pop in here hun. Hope you're doing well. :)

  4. Everyday is a new adventure,make the best of it,we only live once...

  5. Don't look back and dont look forward, Just look at your feet and move forward!!!

  6. I have asked some of my women friends and about half swear that semen does not have a scent or flavor to it. I believe that it does have scent and flavor. Kind of like a sweet and honeysuckle scent! I would like to hear from all of you in the community as to this question only through your own experiences. You don't have to give details but rather if you noticed that there is scent and taste. I am wondering is it me or are other people's sense of smell off. Thank you and have a great day!!!
  7. sweetisraeli

    Negativity towards transgender's.

    I truly believe that if we are surrounded by negativtiy we will deteriorate. I believe that we must keep away from negative people who only want to bring us down and to show us pejudice and hatred, surrounding ourselves around people who will be kind to us and that will build us up are the people that will except us for who we choose to be.
  8. I have here some of the basic principles in the transitional phase of MtF transitioning, these are only some, there are indeed hundreds of principles. 1. always beleive you are beautiful, then others will beleive it too. 2.Always take advice from a real women watch and observe them (only a good women). 3. Whatever it is you do, beleive that a women is doing it. 4. get into the habit saying I am a sister, mother,daughter,aunt etc...
  9. sweetisraeli

    The disillusion in relationships.

    I may be jealous or full of envy, I am just protective of what is mine. We tend to say this more than often to ourselves when another women or transwomen is connecting with our man. Its either he wants to have freinds or he is just being nice. I may have a problem but I dont want anyone else telling me that I do. I may just be paranoid, but I will deal with it myself, my way. Why do men argue that they want to have freinds, shouldn't they be happy that we're so protective? Maby I am suspecting that he will cheat on me. We know men's motives and their intentions when they give another women attention. Just being kind respectful, but why does my man go out of his way to always greet this women everytime he see's her. At least do it behind my back so I dont see it, where's my respect. I know that my man is very sexual and given the chance I beleive he will have sex with another women just to not miss out on some hetero sex. where does that leave me? It leaves me very upset. I forgive him for cheating on me but I will never forget. I think this memory is still stuck in my mind. Afterall I am the one who gives him sex not all these others and I am the one who takes care of him, I clean for him, cook and most of all, I give him my love. So I don't think I am wrong if I do feel jealous or envious about him giving another women attention, I deserve not to feel that way.
  10. sweetisraeli

    Once we believe we are Beautiful.

    I am blogging about one of the most important subjects we share as individuals, beauty and being accepted. Once we believe that we are the best that we could be at the moment and that we are beautiful,then others will see that radiant energy of beauty in us and our souls will be satisfied from the pleasure of it all. we will be smiled at, loved, lusted, talked to, given opprotunity, given trust and an abundance of other great things in life that we all want to enjoy in life being just who we want to be, ourselves. I wake up each and everyday beleiving I am beautiful not so I could gain the approval of others but so that I could go through life being happy who I am. This in return brings happiness to others. This way I fullfill the joy of loving all the positive people around me that see life and all the individuals in it as a beautiful experience. :)
  11. You are on the right track, keep it up!!!

  12. sweetisraeli

    Being Jewish & Israeli isn't easy.

    Shalom l'chaim laila tov, Hi freinds, I want to begin by writing a blog about a certain subject pertaining to being an israeli jew and trans. I am born to 613 laws that I am born to adhere not by choice but by birth. I mean come on I am of the chosen people to serve god but here I am serving a man (Boyfreind) and in more ways than one and calling myself a jew. well to clear things up I am a jew by beleif and not by choice, yes I had my bris and i'm bar mitvah, but c'mon I love my boyfreind, what should i do as a jew. I tell you. I live and i am happy. I dont do harm to others and I love everyone. I help aids victims , elderly and i donate $$$ whenever i should. I still celebrate channukka and rosh hashana and I fast on yom kippur, I just try to be the best individual i could be, I was just born that way.