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    Negativity towards transgender's.

    Ignorance and irrational people go hand and hand . I have nothing to prove to anyone about me If people dont like me they can bite me Life is not easy it is a process of lessons and knowledge , it is the ignorant people who never succeed you see them people every day . I am just me and only know how to live my life my way . Sure I have been discriminated and judged but after all I have been this way since I was a young girl Intersexed over 4 decades and darn proud of who I am . Many people out in society love to judge too easily that is the way of humanity in general but it takes a stronger person to overcome these walls of nasitiness . You could look like a million dollar model and still some girl or guy will smirk There is few negatives but plenty of naieve ones . Location is a key element on support and fitting in Over in europe it is more acceptable I can say this proudly having been there .