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About Me

I am proud of who I am

The reason I write / moderate the intersex forum is because I can see life from both sides of the fence !!!

Intersexuality is part of history .

Having / Living The " Best Of Both Worlds " concept means Sexuality has no barrriers .

All of my life i've been blessed to do my thing because I can be androygenous and just be me .

They say life is what you make it !

That Saying is `100 % true . Intersexuality is a complicated meta physical rare occurance in life .

DNA - wise we are hardwired much differently than one particular Gender .

I like to think of my flag blowing in both directions .

Intersexuality is a glorious blessing .

Some people go through lots of surgeries to change and rearange .

Being many intersexed individuals Do Not Come out of the closet sometimes they live all depressed and lost emotionally !

Technically genetically too much information regading Chromsomal structure a intersexed person often loses hope and needs a Boost of self esteem to function in such a judgemental socety based mainly on looks etc...

Confidence is the key

I will elaborate more on this soon