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  1. Brittany

    Back after a long time....

    Long time no chat. Yeah I been up to a few things in my year absence from the site. Just a little busy. But I wanted to drop in see how things are going do a quick shout out and in the next few weeks (when I find the time I will do a more filling fill in on what has been going on in my life. Much good and some bad. So here is what my last year has had me up to. A new comic series Demon Blade A new novel 11 Kingdoms A new Novelette series Gloria's Gospel and returning yet altering Path of the Butterflies from just a pdf guide to a intended monthly topic discussion blog. Path of the Butterflies: A guide for Transgender individuals, friends and family Please drop on by the blog share ether publicly or if you want to share your opinions privately or just chew me out you can email me from the blog. I promise next post will be sooner and less self promotional based.
  2. Well Virginia offers Hormone Therapy based on maintaining levels the inmate had in them at the time of their incarceration or at least this was the case some years ago when I looked into this. What this case involves is the actual surgery which if allowed will be on the tax payers to let someone who is serving a life sentence a chance of something that as a local Virginia Transperson that is following the law cant help but get frustrated over. Letting people be rewarded for committing a crime I find is insane and while I am happy to see surgery open up more in the area forcing the population to pay for surgery will only piss off people and make the matter more toxic in my own view.
  3. Interesting Article on how the minds of people work as explored by a trans-man http://online.wsj.com/article/SB115274744775305134.html
  4. Its good to see that the Mormon church finally taking a good effort on the part on helping others
  5. In agreement with Tbirdgal people need to focus on all issues when voting not just ones that work well for them in some areas, Yeah Obama has been good to certain LGBT issues but most of what he has done is more speech to and not actually address issues. He should do more then pretty talk and speak with actions of drawing up laws with congress to pass things like anti discrimination laws.
  6. Sorry but everything I read about the Cece case states other wise she didn't help police in the investigation thus the harsher charge, as for the DC incident that I believe is causing this survey is a case of people acting unprofessional in their handling such as the case of a EMT letting a Trans-woman die cause they stood there laughing at her.
  7. Brittany

    Update to my last blog post

    I wanted to let people know things are going a bit better. I was informed about a job that has been in the wings last Thursday that things are in motion for me to start work to make money. That being said I was also helped by my father in current money issues and was able to regain use of HRT meds. I am however now stuck in a awkward place as my new job will be a trendy retail store, and this will be my first job as Brittany (all be it in name only as I have yet to legally change it yet) while I look passable for the most part these days I will always carry doubts but with my agreement to my father I have to take greater work on behaving as a female, with even the little motions of what and how I eat, getting my hair done professionally (something I have avoided since a bad experience when I came out resulting in losing a years worth of hair growth) and the suttle actions of language and exercise. I will report more as things develop but for now things look to be headed towards an upward swing, I just need to find a new skilled Therapist in my area to help out.
  8. Brittany

    CeCe McDonald Murder Trial

    yeah I agree I don't see things adding up on this one. Given if nothing else this is a case of self defense but then the sad history of trans people not getting along or speaking with cops tends to add on issues with people that are suppose to protect and serve all. I'm waiting on the full story on this one. It just doesn't feel right to me.
  9. As I understand it if a company claims to follow the regulations of EEOC which is posted in many stores and companies nation wide then if they choose to discriminate a trans person then they are in violation of Federal Law period doesn't matter what state your in. Now a simple solution for most of the ones in states that still discriminate could be by stating in court they don't follow EEOC in their store but this will be determined by each individual case.
  10. Brittany

    The Strangled Sleep

    I had some sleep issues (nightmares in my case) as well my therapist suggested I keep a dream journal, I always have had vivid dreams so I don't know what causes them the best I can suggest is work out in some free time and it will exhaust your body to sleep better.
  11. Brittany

    Stuck in a whirlpool of the past haunting me

    Thanks it took me buy surprise as well I knew they had issue but its good to see they want me to excel at what I want for myself. Its not going to be easy. mainly as I let myself go over the winter and now work outs are a bit straining on the body. And I do benefit with being able to land interviews just not lock in the job.
  12. Kind of Surprised no one has posted this one yet. Basically it sums up that according to EEOC transgender people are covered by federal law to protected by discrimination in job hunts, falling under the case of sex discrimination. This break open the doors that are shut in 30+ states. http://transgenderlawcenter.org/cms/blogs/552-24
  13. Brittany

    Stuck in a whirlpool of the past haunting me

    Things are going slightly better as my dad is helping me out in exchange for following a strict schedule of meeting their standards of womanhood for them. More working out, eating smaller yet healthier amounts and allot of mental changes like how I eat food and act, given areas I felt strong before but its hard to see your actually behaviors. On top of working with others on getting some advice and help medically. Just keeping at trying to find a job though.
  14. Okay I know its been awhile since I posted here. Many as I have had many other tasks on hand and many more issues running my life in very downward ways. I now am writing this blog as maybe a last line of hope. Things started going down hill when I lost my job this past August. As I noted before I had decided since I was already beyond a year in HRT to just go ahead and start applying for work as the new me and no longer the past me. But my Unemployment made things quite tight, my HRT had to be cut in half to last longer yet keep the effects I had gained, My diet has been the worse since any point of my life. focused mainly on what I can get that will give me energy to keep searching for work. And all this seemed to be doable till Feb. came around. That's when my luck turned from, bad to worse. While I could almost weekly get a interview, far too often I found myself being turned down. Asking if my transitioning had anything to do about it. I have been assured that it isn't the case. But having one too many doors of opportunity closed on my face is bringing the dark hopelessness I use to have in my life come flowing back. My unemployment is now gone and my loving roommate has been far more then considerate letting me stay without paying rent for now. But my meds are running low and soon will be gone, my depression is getting stronger each day, I barely can scrap out enough cash to feed myself two meals a day and I have made a tough but fair agreement to ether have some rent by the end of May or I move out. To where I don't know, cause its not where that worries me its who will be there more. I can't stand the feeling that my only true happiness of being me is denying me any kind of work. And worse I find it really hard to explain how its not something I can just turn on and off to my family that claims my being myself is what is harming my chances at getting jobs. When I stood at the darkest point in my life almost 5 years ago I was a person who never take chances. I would spend my days locked in a apartment for days shut from the world, I would not search for a better life cause I never thought I would have one. It wasn't till I came out about the real me and felt the acceptance that I found the courage and drive to work hard on my work life, Family life, my personal skills, personal health and finally myself in general. That all came at the point of turning away from a suicide attempt I made, when I finally decided to listen to myself. But now I fear just as I found myself and really started to become myself I am having my life ripped from me and being forced into a prison of denial far darker then the one I escaped years ago. I'm losing hope for any future, not just the one I have for so long dreamed. Right now, I spend my long days, job hunting and trying to occupy my mind and time with tasks for my website. I spend my nights dreaming of a life of just normality where I am treated as a equal among others. But each day I wake from that dream, I look in the mirror and I see all that I hated returning, with the aid of self doubt and judgement of others weighing me down. As I write this I am starting my final plans of the last few weeks I have with a roof over my head. With the coming of Summer I will soon find my life to be one of living on the streets and seeking what food I can. While I will go on living I question who is it I will be living as. Will I be the ray of happiness and peace in my life that I have been in the past few years as, that I so want to be, Brittany. Or will I be domed to return to the depressive suicidal, self hating Brian, the one many keep telling I should be. Time is my enemy in too many ways, I have too little time it seems to change my life for the better, but too much time to bring my self have time to just process this all in my head and see the dark return to my old self washing over me. I feel lost. I know who I am. I know how I feel. I know what I want. I am willing to fight for it. But still I am denied it all. As I said I'm losing hope, and it scares me to think where I will be without it soon. For now and Hopefully always ~ Brittany Dodson
  15. Sorry to sound harsh on her, but as a Local person and Trans-member that did not commit a crime I do not want my tax dollars spent on her to get the operation and if it ever comes down that she could I know it wouldn't take me long to think about committing a crime to get away with not having to pay up myself on this one. Sorry but if you commit a crime your there to be punished not get what you want in life.