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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Georgia

    Keeping Up Appearances

    Oh honey you are so beautiful! I don't know for the people of the area you live in, but anyway you choose to appear will be stunning. I am a musician performer myself and for years had some celebrity as my male or a little fem sensuality but not full out dress. I live now in Costa Rica a very Catholic country and I am just trying to get up the courage to come out fully as my fem self. Up north I lived as a woman some times and also as a guy but not in my professional life. Keep up the writing, you are sure showing us where your heart is. Love Georgia. Ps you may be interested in my posting under M to F Trans discussion Oh Rica I forgot to say that you write beautifully. Love Georgia
  4. Georgia

    Member Ranks

    Michael Thank-you for your words of clarity. Many are internet junkies and forum or chat experts but I have little experience in these areas. I have been trying to learn my way around FaceBook where you say anything and everyone sees it, so it is learning how each system works..I will take your advice and take my status update add a little to it, and start it as a thread in a posting. Your advice is much appreciated. G
  5. Georgia

    Member Ranks

    I wondered how one was not considered new to the site and that explains it. I see now how the ranking system works and that makes sense. The numbers do not seem out of line to graduate from being green. I don't know how many read the posts and don't feel articulate enough to comment or are shy and try to just watch what others talk about. I would think the idea of the ranking is that someone new to the site can see if a member is at least a little bit experienced and may be helpful to them in gaining their own understanding of what is happening in their own TG journey. I know I looked for that when I first came to the site. Yours G. Slightly Fading Nubile Nymph
  6. As a TG MtF it is such a glorious feeling after 60 years, to feel my breasts as my arms brush by. With the help of a little modern chemistry they have now grown quite significantly. To look down at my t-shirt and see the curvatures, the pointed shape and the nipples outline without the need of my trusty pushup bra, that has supported me all these years. It chokes me up, and brings me to tears, from sheer joy and fulfillment. I know some of you must have experienced the same in your TG journey...

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      <wink> @ Georgia. See? It worked. =)

  7. Just posted my first pics in a year. Look more comfortably feminine wearing almost no makeup. Feeling good about myself inside and out at 60 years old of all things. It took this long but it is worth it!

  8. I have been ofline for a bit so thank-you for your friend request. I just posted my first pics in a year on my site. How about some more pics of you!

  9. Rebecca you have a friend here. Show us some pics there hun! Lets here your story.

  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. Hi :) thanks for the message. I will definitely be writing my about me soon, just have to find the time. Busy college life after all.

  12. Write a little about yourself for us sweetie.


  13. Welcome to the site. Thanks for the comments to my posting. At 20 you have some things figured out that took many of us 50 years to find out. This is good to be able to live a life of peace within ones self.


  14. Hi Georgia! Welcome to TGGuide!

  15. Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Costa Rica is truly a paradise reachable and affordable by most. The Costa Rican's are so friendly,and helpful providing a safe environment.