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  1. Julien

    House of Wolves

    Back to the old favorite...using song titles as blog titles -.-' I've manged to do a week of uni without productively doing much at all. I didn't think that was possible. This is only a quick blog update with things I've gleaned this week. One of my old friends from secondary school who i'm close to (in the way we're friends) drunkenly asked me out via text. I was apprehensive and brushed him off but he was persistent. I proceeded to question him about his reasons for doing this because i swear we'd had this conversation before and he'd previously said he couldn't date me as a ftm because he was straight. His views appear to be fluctuating. Although i'm sad that i'm making my friends question their sexuality. I stayed with my sister over the weekend because i'm photographing her for my course. I've just concluded that if i'm ever in peril or need to talk to someone i just go there. I don't know why i don't now. She's ridiculously open to everything. I had a lip piercing done on Friday of this week (27/04) I only got round to telling my parents today. From my mothers reaction you'd have generally though i had just told her i was pregnant and i was quitting uni. I thought she'd be more open with stuff like this...but clearly not. This also ties in here, i thought i was making progress with my parents with the whole gender dysphoria thing. Clearly not. I think i'll just be staying at my sister's this summer :3
  2. I like your profile background :)

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      Thank you :) It's one of my favorite albums :)

  3. Julien

    Severe Procrastination

    I was going to name the blog entries after whatever song may be playing at the time but it was too tiring. Hence the title of severe procrastination because i meant to start this blog about 5 months ago. So hey my first blog Who am I? ‚Äč(As i'm not a very active member on the forums :/) I'm a 20 year old photographic art student hailing from the welsh valleys. I've been living with gender dysphoria for about 4-5 years. When i was 18 i did more research into what i was feeling and came to the conclusion that i might be transgender. Either that or a asexual androgynous person. I don't mind either. I decided to do something about these feelings because they were making me depressed alot, my parents didn't take it too well and preferred to consider the entire thing as a phase -.-' When i was 19 they moved away and i moved in with my sister, where i had a lot more lee way. I began binding a lot more. I was eventually able to confide in her and she was pretty supportive of me, setting me up to go to the GP in my local area who set me up with hospital consultant (*) I finished my a-levels in that year and moved away from sister to university and had even more leeway, i didn't feel as depressed as before but occasionally i would go days without eating because i forgot and i couldn't sleep well at night. (*)The appointment for consultant came through during this time but he was unable to assist me because i was not in his catchment area anymore -.-' he directed me to my local GP and he set me up with a psychologist assessment which didn't go well as they believed i wasn't ready to be transferred onto the NHS and so on. I'm now seeing a Councillor at my uni and she's advised me to write about how i feel at times, i used to do this anyway instead of cutting. So yeah. After two years i'm still no-where, all I've manged to do is re-vamp my wardrobe. My parents have no-idea that i went to all the GP's and doctors either, before i went to uni they said i should wait a year and they'd discuss it. I eagerly await August >.> Sorry this is so haphazard but if i think about how i'm writing something, i forget what i was going to write.
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      Hey! Good to see you Julien :)

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      I've been MIA from here as well. :P

  5. Got a new haircut :D Happy days, Just need to re-dye it again now :) Should have some new pics up by late tomorrow evening.

  6. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!

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      That looks cool... Welch, I'm assuming. Wish I knew how to pronounce the words.

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  7. First appointment 24th Jan 2012 o/

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      Congrats, Julien. Good luck =)

  8. Happy birthday Karina =]

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  10. is shopping online for some new clothes, ahh the joy ^_^

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