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  1. MINNEAPOLIS TRANS EQUITY SUMMIT September SEPTEMBER 25 1PM – 8PM. Humphrey School of Public Affairs | University of Minnesota Twin Cities Link to web site for more information: http://www.evite.com...Q4EPEESW32MPYJQ Phoebe
  2. Phoebe

    First Trans Woman Elected to DNC

    A transwoman will be running for US house seat in district 2 in Minnesota as an Independent candidate. She received 285 votes in the recent primary, a long way to go. She is determined to make aware of not only transgender issues but all human rights issues.
  3. Transgender Day of Remembrance TDoR Events and Locations 2013: http://www.transgenderdor.org/
  4. Has anyone watched a cartoon series "SheZow" on YouTube? Not exactly a transgender cartoon, the main character is a boy until he puts on a magic ring and turns into a girl superhero "SheZow". Kind of wacky I say, but the character reference to transforming gender is interesting.
  5. Shewear, What is amitriptalin? Tried to search that term and came up with references to a ant-depressant? Phoebe
  6. Phoebe

    LGBT-Friendly Hospitals

    Thank you for the listing. Now it would be great if Gender Reassignment Surgery returned to Minnesota as it once was at University of Minnesota Hospital in the 1970's by Hastings and Blum.
  7. Read today that some churches are severing ties from Boy Scouts due to the policy to allowing gay boy scouts join! http://abcnews.go.com/US/churches-sever-ties-boy-scouts-lifted-ban-gay/story?id=19270860#.UcXEqZwhydk Phoebe
  8. Jo Anne Roberts who helped start The Renaissance Transgender Association, Inc. Passed away. Jo Anne Roberts also edited and produced "LadyLike" Magazine as well as other crossdresser books and articles @ CDS publications http://www.cdspub.com/arc.html. Here is a post by Dallas Denny of Chrysalis Quarterly: http://dallasdenny.c...joanne-roberts/Jo Anne Roberts also started Transgender Forum renamed TG Forum currently edited by Angela Gardner. TG Forum is free and need to register to read articles and posts: http://www.tgforum.com/wordpress/ Phoebe
  9. Purchased the vacuum system from Noogleberry: http://www.noogleberry.com/shop/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=23 There is a dropdown currency for USD. Probably start with the small cups as that is where I started. Thought extra small might be to small and would need to get a larger size sooner. Took about ten days to arrive in my mail box after placing the order. Phoebe
  10. Have been using Noogleberry http://www.noogleber...iewCat&catId=23 vacuum system for eighteen months. I went from small pecks to "A" cup size over that time. One consideration is after using the system your 'pecks' turn reddish after use. There is a forum for Noogleberry to read results and questions: http://www.noogleber...forum/index.php The method used was seven minutes of vacuum pressure, two minutes release of pressure over two half hour periods each day. After the third seven minute session was able to fill the small cup fully. However after six hours the swelling went down about half. I have maintained the "A" cup size and continue to use the system a few times a week to maintain what I have gained. Your experience may be different from mine or others who have posted on the Noogleberry forum. Note: The so called breast pumps found on eBay for $20.00 are not even worth $1.00! I tried similar about ten years ago. The cups cracked after three uses. If the item is Noogleberry then might ask the seller if they had issues with cracking cups. The older cups were not a thick as the present cups from Noogleberry and they cracked easily. I have no cracks in the cups since started use of Noogleberry device. There is also a system called "Bosom Beauty" that is similar to Noogleberry, it uses a 'pulsed' on off of vacuum. Have read that the cups that come with "Bosom Beauty" also may crack. Phoebe
  11. I worked in Ft Lauderdale, FL a few winters. It was nice and warm and even HOT at times. The humidity was difficult to adjust to. Minnesota has maybe a few weeks late August of high humid weather coupled by 90 degree temperatures. Also lived in the Chicago, IL area for six years, not quite as cold as Minnesota, still was "homesick" and returned to Minnesota after the contract agency folded that provided me employment there.
  12. Yes! Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, transgendered individuals -- like all other Minnesotans -- are entitled to be free from discrimination based on their sexual orientation. This protection extends, with some limitations and exceptions, to all areas covered by the Act: employment, housing, public accommodations, public services, education and business and credit. Transgendered individuals are not entitled to have their sexual orientation "reasonably accommodated" by an employer or anyone else. A reasonable accommodation is typically a modification of some kind, as might be provided in a work environment for an individual with a disability" Also some of the major Fortune 500 companies here in Minnesota are allowing MTF use women's restrooms, also many are installing gender neutral restroom and locker changing faculties. Also some of those same companies are providing health benefits for individuals undergoing transition, therapy, needed medications and GRS. One MTF had most of their transition expenses covered by their companies health plan. There were a few out of pocket expenses, such as the cost of flight to and from the clinic where the surgery was performed. Janet
  13. A new date has been set for Minnesota Trans Health and Wellness Conference. It will be held October 11-13 2013 at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Located on Snelling Ave approximately two miles north of I-94. Speakers and vendors are being set up. More information as news is released. Janet
  14. At noon today Governor Mark Dayton signed the "Freedom To Marry" bill or otherwise known as "Same Sex Marriage" bill. This probably does not affect most transgendered persons, however may be a step forward for future transgender rights law in Minnesota. Minnesota does have a decent transgender law, however the wording needs to be updated. Sexual orientation was added to the Human Rights Act in 1993 http://mn.gov/mdhr/e...rotections.html Janet
  15. Phoebe

    Medicare and SRS

    I am on Medicare, however was told by clinic at University of Minnesota Program in Human Sexuality that I am to old for SRS. I am 74 years old. Also have developing health issues as I age that also may be of concern to consider by gender dysphoria therapists. Would have been great to find out about Gender dysphoria and SRS back around 1981 in Chicago, IL area. Felt that at the time if I had gone to a 'shrink' they would have tried to tell me they didn't know what I was feeling and probably tell me to be "a man". I didn't know about Dr Benjamin back then or any place to go to find out why I felt I wanted to become a fully functioning female. Janet