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  1. so sorry for my poor english. "she was sick and goes to hospital and his brother comes to hospital and kills her in her bed". i had cried for a while for her. her family denied her and didn't take her body from hospital. and she was buried in a paupers' cemetery Turkish "Our Goverment" Goverment doesn't protect us. there are no protecting laws for lgbti people in turkey. if you're a LGBTI and killed by your family. when you're family goes to judge. after 2 years they will be free. because it's a honour killing.. and you may read that. banned words in turkey,lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender law was cancelled after europian union asked to Turkish Goverment. why you block lesbian,gay,bisexual,and trangender keywords ? Turksih goverment didn't answer,because turkish goverment has got no answer! and when Turkey's bigest Major LGBTI Community Turk Gay Club was blocked by Turkish Goverment for one day. LGBTI Activists and İnternational Organisations has achived to Open Turk Gay Club again. Turk Gay Club can be reached in Turkey now. it's free anymore. My So Called Gay Life has pablished this Ethiopia LGBT Community has published this.
  2. thanks too much. Turkey wants to join to Europian Union. so it looks like there are some rights for LGBTI People in Turkey. so people may see that. and it's looking like that. but in reality there are no laws for LBTI People in Turkey as you see in that Videos. we have got too many problems. in a few weeks ago a Transvestite has been killed in a hospital by his elder brother. if you're a LGBTI inTurkey you can be killed as honour by your family.
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    Welcome :)

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      thanks too much Lori :)

  4. in first video. she says. when people hit us. turkish police didn't do anything. i have just had a surgical operation from my nose. they hit my nose....
  5. it's too difficult to be a transgender in an islamic or muslim country if you go to shopping or want to go to somewhere else.you can be kicked by people.there is no law,there is no trangender rights in this country.and they don't want to see you.that video, two trans in antalya go to shopping and people call them. you queers you can't go into this streets and people hit them in this video two trans go to police station and turkish police hit them. and they then go to another police station to bitch...
  6. There is no law againts LGBTI People in Turkey

    1. Lori


      You know, I had gathered that because I just watched a documentary where two gay men fled Iran to Turkey where they were able to live openly as gay. Nice to hear. :)

    2. GayTR


      yes it's

      there are too many iranian lgbti people... they come to turkey.

      there is more freedom then other islamic countries.

      there was a lgbtı pride event in istanbul.this year.

      it was a first lgbtı pride in an islamic country.

      but sometime there are some problems.

      we want to there will have to be laws and lgbti marriage for lgbtı people in turkey.