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  1. BrendaDay

    Stop Bullying: Speak Up

    Bullying is discrimnation of another person and with enough light being put on the subject It will diminish but there's always going to be ignort people who can only cover up there insecurity and lack of self confidence by subjecting another to physical, verbal or mental abuse. Videos like this are a good start. Now schools have to get on board by not covering it up when it happens. Parents and adults have to be agood example by there words and actions. Brenda B)
  2. BrendaDay

    Middle School Hate Crime Murder

    17yo that means he was only 14 yo when the crime was commited. How is this much hate learned at such a young age? Home? Family? Schools? Peers? Gangs. They get a good education on discrimination whenever an adult in a leadership position in a school , church or everday life displays prejudism aginst anyone for there race, religon gender idenity or anything that dosen't conform to there narrow minded values. Life is considered so cheap in our society today. Brenda
  3. I downloaded the Standards of Care and started to read it and found it most interesting, it will take awhile to finish thanks for providing it. Another helpful tool to solve the puzzle who am I Brenda
  4. It's truly a shame that this man has to hide behind religon and I assume Christian to vent his hate on another human being. B)
  5. BrendaDay


    What is often forgotten is the christian value which Christ taught us, LOVE . How often a simple act of love would lift the spirit of a homeless person or comfort to a battered women or a person just trying to figure out who they are. Wow what a gift.
  6. Welcome, like your profile pic :)

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      Thank you I am looking forward to be part of TGG

  7. Welcome to TGGuide

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      Thank you I have enjoyed being here