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  1. Welcome to TGGuide! :)

  2. Diamondgirl

    Crossdresser First Time Out

    Yah she did it!!!!Confidence will come .
  3. Diamondgirl

    Six feet plus blues!

    Feel your pain bout the shoes and I am a GG. If there were tons of shoes my size 11 or 12 I would prob have a ROOM for shoes.My dad used to shame me yelling ( at the shoe store) if YOUR FEET GET ANY BIGGER YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WEAR THE BLOODY BOX THEY COME IN. I now have a good sense of self and embrace me. But I am tall with big ole feet ( big blonde amazon woman- was how I used to feel) Be proud of being you....bet your long legs are beautiful.
  4. Diamondgirl

    Transgender Bloggers Wanted: Share Your Journey

    Great ideas...I will prob write everyday life from an SO....and our dual life. ( her choice not mine) Right now I am going through lots of STUFF but will come back to this.( Blog)
  5. Diamondgirl

    Hars 80's party

    Saturday 31 March 2012- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender 9:30 PM - 2:00 AM Rouge - TOTALLY 80's Dance Party! It's time to bust out your favorite 80's gear! Big hair, shoulder pads, blue eye shadow, neon tights, over-sized suit jackets, parachute pants, leather, lace and acid wash jeans! Sounds and Lights by DJ Johnny, Glow Sticks for Sale at the Door As if dressing up isn't fun enough, there is a totally radical prize for BEST outfit! All of the proceeds raised go directly to client care at HIV/AIDS Regional Services. Don't stop believin' because the 80's are BACK for one night only! When: Saturday, March 31st, 9:30pm - 2:00am Where: The Renaissance - 285 Queen St, Kingston On Canada $10 Cover 19+ Event (ID's will be checked at the door) Accessible Venue
  6. Diamondgirl

    Video: How to Pass as a Woman

    My tip I always give IS If you are nervous-be an actress. Till it becomes natural to you. I have had some many ladies keep looking around to see if anyone is looking ect. Do NOT do that. Nothing calls more attention to you because you then look suspicious. Great thread!!