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    New Orleans, LA
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    Professional Makeup Artist (in training)

    Steadily working towards earning my M.I.M.P. Certification.

    (Master International Makeup Professional)

    I will be specializing in makeup applications from "straight" or everyday looks, men's, HDTV, stage/theatre, bridal, seasonal, tattoo cover-ups and several other application techniques.

    For more info and updates, check out my Facebook page that I've provided here. :)

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    Makeup Assistance/Introduction

    Hello, everybody. My name is Brian Pride and I'm a makeup artist. (Still in training, but in a legit program.) I'm posting this because I want to reach out and let you all know that I want to help in any way that I can, especially as I progress towards my goal of becoming a certified Makeup Artist. I'm a 25 y/o gay man about 20 minutes from New Orleans, LA and I fully support trans-rights. I feel that the LGBT is often misrepresented as the "LG" or the "LGB" community and that the "T" part is all too often swept under the rug and ignored and it truly disappoints me. My ultimate goal in volunteering is to help you all create a more accurate representation of who you are on the inside, on the outside. I also want to do this in the hopes that it will reduce the amount of bullying, depression and other negative consequences that stem from ignorant people. If I can spare you from the expense and pain that goes along with cosmetic procedures, even if it's just temporary, I would love to do so. As I mentioned before, I'm still in the early stages of my training - I'm just testing the waters now to see if there is an interest in me volunteering my services and if there's a need within the community for somebody like me that truly wants to help. For updates, other info and pictures of current & future makeup applications that I've done, please visit (and "Like!") my Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/manleypridemakeup Best, Brian Pride