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  1. Finally im closer to starting my M to F transition im seeing a pcyciatrest (yes i know i spelt that wrong lol) in adelaide seen him twice so far he deals with gender issues etc... hopefully he will decide he's gonna start me on HRT after a few more visits once he gets to know me better, i have to drive 500km's to see him for 45mins then straight after i drive 500kms back home its a bloody long day just for 45min appointment but its worth it :)

    1. Sara17


      Wow... 1000 km of driving for each appointment, that's incredible! Best of luck to you, and stay safe on the roads! :)

    2. tbirdgal


      I do a similar drive hon.......

    3. Sarah1967


      That's a long way to drive Shelley I'm so happy for you that you are getting closer.

  2. well this sucks here in australia if you are trans gender you get treated for having a major mental illness instead of needing help with gender identifacation and helping us cause we are trapped in the wrong body, medical board does not accept gender identifacation in australia I found a few drs that dnt agree with the medical board and gone there own way to help gender id i've contacted all of them a few weeks ago but suprise suprise not 1 reply this country sucks :(

    1. Susane


      Sorry to hear that Shelley. I thought Aus' was a laid back place.

    2. shelley


      Thx you Susane. I'm hoping i can track down one of the Dr's here that know transgender is not a mental illness i know theres a dr somewhere here that'll deal with gender identification cause there are a lot of T-girls here in australia.

  3. :'( So depressed at the mo.... i'm having heaps of trouble locating support localy i need help but i wont give up i need to transform my body to female so i can be truely happy at long last i hate being trapped in this male's body :'(

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    2. shelley


      Aww yr a sweetie too AprilRose thx you, after the transformation yes i will finaly be free, i been told once before that it can take alot of years but in the end it'll be worth it :))

    3. Susane


      I din't know what attitudes are like where you live, but round here it's pretty macho and anything different is sneered at - even wearing men's clothes that might be the norm elsewhere. I hope you find the support you need. have you considered moving to somewhere more accommodating?

    4. shelley


      Attitudes here are pretty sad im 1 of the rare ppl that stick out in this town and not afraid to be me i've thrown away my male clothes and i only wear female clothes now and also i wont leave the house without makeup on I LOVE my make up my collection is getting bigger all the time.

      thx you aswell for well wishes of finding support which i now have found a few places that can hopefully help get things started :)

  4. Im almost 39 and im not hiding from myself any more i want the girl in me to shine through so i can be true to myself and finaly be happy with myself, but once i find a way to start growing breasts and start to change my face that im going to lose my parents and beautiful wife who i love dearly I'm realy scared :(

  5. shelley

    Transgender Bloggers Wanted: Share Your Journey

    It's only the begining for me but i'm really excited in bringing out the girl in me )