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  1. I have advocated we Trans people drop out of all GAY related events for years . First , too many Gay people see us as insecure nut jobs and unable to function in our own skin . Look, I have nothing against gay Folks , their life is their life . For me , I'm entering a life as a mature woman and Mom.
  2. Michael, I've been fired , yes , a couple of times for appearing "Too Female" looking . Once was a grocery store, the time before that a large Towing outfit . I guess that is why I got fed up and restarted my own company .
  3. Emma , I already know I am a D E S child . I was to have been interviewed by CNN last August by a lady I am close to on Facebook. We became very close friends over my medical research as the doctors here in Virginia do not wish to address Trans gender issues as thoroughly as I do. In my years out , I have collected yards of medical documents on DES and on being Transgender. I'm very lucky to have friends at UCLA d NYU who have shared studies with me. Granted, I'll never afford Medical school . Still, I can HOME study and learn .
  4. The KKK has come out against the Westborough Baptist Church using this same FLAWED lodgic .
  5. Point taken folks ! I have QUIETLY stopped shopping at one Grocery store , a couple of phamacys , a department store , several auto parts stores . HEY , YOU either treat me as a lady customer or ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Monica, for a classic simple style , try Pay Less shoes .com or go to a Payless shoe store . Yes, they have 2inch heels too
  7. Has anyone here read the two books by Booby Thompson or her husband . Bobby wrote , My Husband looks better in Lingerie than I damnit . Her Husband wrote the book Caught in the Middle . These folks aren't Cross Dressers . Alania I a Female now . recomend both. In addition Y book, Community in Transition is specially priced for April , AUTORAPHED , 20.00
  8. I'm ALWAYS amused as to the Mindset of the Religious Right . . They should simply go to one of the Middle eastern countries and deprived of sexual fantasy there .
  9. Emma , I'm with famed author , Dale Brumfield here at the Taza coffee shop I Richmond Virginia . Dale and I have worked together on two books about UNDERGROUND Richmond Virginia an NOW , Underground Washington DC in the 60's Yes this is how you will meet me at a business meeting .
  10. Monica , I was invited back to a New York radio show today for another "Phone interview " . Point is , I could have done this in my Night gown . I told the Hostess, Jennifer Lopez I am a mature transwoman and I came up in the 1950's . In other words , I respect myself enough to look at least "Presentable " . When I go out for a business meeting , Hon, it's a DRESS , a suit and heels . Yeah, I'm June Cleaver .
  11. For me during the week, it's female tops , jeans sometimes tights an flats . I will do just enough make up to look decent .
  12. Monica , Renegades an Boho's have always been a target for anyone W/O an imagination .
  13. I'm in the middle of two magazine stories and some over zealous people on FB . The boot issue to me seems trivial . If someone is going to call ya out over a rather androgionous pair of boots , perhaps they need to reassess their own wardrobe choices !
  14. Emma , this is the first I have seen of this . Nicely done .
  15. For me at a VERY young age , it was because in my head , I was a Girl. As I aged , the desires NEVER went away, I was a Teenage woman . As I aged , I saw myself as a Woman, nothing more . Now , I'm old and guess what , I'm an older woman who has at least gotten on HRT .
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