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  1. I love my Bikini an it fits really nice I have on the Bikini top in the avatar pic.. :)
  2. Sarah1967

    I love this an want it

    I love this an want it I think it is cute an I love to have this top too. I will get them on the 4th of next month ....
  3. Sarah1967

    I hate shoes!

    Janet, I do like those shoes, I definitely need to get some in that style Nice boots . I have a pair of Avia cross training shoes very comfortable to wear.
  4. I have a friend that is a Lesbian an we get along great together.
  5. Sarah1967

    Your Favorite Outfit ?

    Very Nice
  6. Hi Everyone

    1. Calista


      Hi Sarah, Hope your having a great day x

    2. Sarah1967


      doing good here..

    3. shelley


      Hi Sarah and Calista :)

  7. Sarah1967

    Your Favorite Outfit ?

    I do my shopping on ebay a better slection form the stores here in town an a lot cheaper too I want to get a pair of open toe wedge shoes that's next when I order again. I am at home too I have on a black tank top an a hot pink strapless bra an a l.e.i jean mini skirt with a hot pink/yellow/green strip thong an no show ankel socks an a anklet a pair of Avia cross training athletic shoes red/white/silver in color all very comfortable..
  8. Sarah1967

    Your Favorite Outfit ?

    I thought this might be a fun topic : What is your favorite outfit ? My favorite outfit is my black beaded graphic spandex top with a pink push up bra an a pink thong an my YMI jean mini skirt with thigh high socks an high heel boots. This is for everyone so whats your favorite outfit ?
  9. Well, I've read on various sites that it's natural for one breast to be larger than the other. I've got that issue too actually. All I know is that the more estrogen you have in you, the more even they will become. (Up to a point, I'm assuming...) In GG's, when they're at a certain point in their menstrual period, their breasts are closer in size than during the rest of it, because their hormone levels don't stay the same throughout the whole trip. I'm not saying you need to OD on estrogen. >_X I'm just pointing out that it's natural for that to happen... My left breast is larger than my right about 1/2 cup size My left breast is a B-cup an my right one seems to be catching up yay....
  10. Sarah1967

    Favorite Colors

    I love pink an purple ..
  11. Every morning after I wake up I have my shower an I will put on a thong depending on my mood an put on my girl lowrise flare or bootcut Jeans I have both kind an a sports bra an a loose shirt an womens no show ankel socks an womans athletic shoes an go out for the day and when I come home I will get out of my jeans an into a jean mini skirt an a push up bra an a tank top an flip flops an relax, I don't even own mens jeans or men's underware an socks anymore, I have thongs, bikini's, boyshorts an hipsters womens tank tops an a nice black beaded graphic top that I wear with my jean mini skirt an I have leggings an a Pair of high heels boots an seven bras, My closet looks like a womans with my jeans an mini skirts an tops etc. jean shorts an other shorts. I also sleep in a l.e.i racerback night shirt which is very comfy.
  12. I wear tights they last long than pantyhose.
  13. I wear a l.e.i racerback night shirt with a bra an boyshorts to bed