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  1. I remember reading the article, but I never ran through the list of "Excellent LGBT Movies." I did so today. What I found in the list of 69 [submissions], that while there were many comedies, most of the list were documentaries, dramas and romantic gay films. One movie, The Wizard of Oz, makes me wonder what qualifies this 1939 classic as an LGBT movie. And I'm not quite sure what Urbania was about, but one thing seems to be apparent - it's not about transpeople. But what screams to me the very loudest is that, out of sixty-nine movie titles, which includes only a handful of movies about transpeople, only one movie -Tomboy- appears to be about a young transboy, but even by an IMDb synopsis, that is questionable: A 10-year-old girl, settling into her new neighborhood outside Paris, is mistaken for a boy and has to live up to this new identity since it's too late for the mistake to be clarified. It's almost as if the synopsis makes an "excuse" for the child's behavior rather than come right out and call the child a transgender boy. But I have not seen the movie, and so, can only go by what I've read. Perhaps the movie tells a better and more positive story. The failure of film-makers to create storylines around transboys and transmen perpetuates the belief that we do not exist, which in turn helps to perpetuate our invalidation, and continues to enable so many people -including transwomen- to dismiss us. But sadly, I think the bottom line in the entertainment world is money - stories about transwomen bring in a bigger audience. I think even when it comes to movies -even if that movie is a documentary-there is still some degree of sensationalism surrounding the production (because of the stigma placed on the heads of transwomen) even if that sensationalism is created by, or in the minds of, those who go to see it. Despite the fact that the number of movies about transmen pails in comparison to those about transwomen, that the list of "Excellent LGBT Movies" does not include movies like "Boys Don't Cry" and "Southern Comfort" (two that are probably the most familiar among transpeople) seems to support the theory I propose about it all boiling down to money, and You're absolutlety right Micheal. I don't think about transmen very much myself. I guess maybe its because im so wrapped up in my problems and problems that I have to deal with as a t gurl. Another reason is that I probably don't understand transmen. Maybe I should do some research on transmen so I can understand you guys. After all you guys are my brothers and I should give you more consideration than that.
  2. Ok so Im starting my spring shopping a little early this year. ive found a few dresses that i like. i would like to get some other opinions from a few people. Im also hoping to get some recommendations on shoes as well. Im 5' tall and 215lbs if that helps. theres a picture of me in my gallery so you can get an idea of what i look like. Here are a few of the dresses that i wsa looking at on one web site.
  3. if may-after going through a few of those movie trailers-i would like to point out that all of the movies about transgenders were all comedies. no serious dramas or anything. i would like to see a least one movie where transgender people are portrayed as real and serious. Dont get me wrong i like the comedies too but do they all have to be like the punch line of a bad joke?