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  1. atof added a post in a topic: Exercise regime?   

    Oh, wow, nice! Thanks Michael.
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  2. atof added a post in a topic: Exercise regime?   

    Thanks for the tips. I usually cycle most of the year as it is for commuting (except when its snowing). I'm just wondering if there's some sort of strength training I can do as well that won't make me bulk up as much.
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  3. atof added a post in a topic: Exercise regime?   

    Hi all,

    I've started working out again recently. I had been into building a lot of upper body strength when I used to work out years ago, and I have really defined arms and shoulders because of it. This, naturally, doesn't lend itself to look that great in a sleeveless dress.

    As to what I should be doing in my current workout regime, I'm quite clueless. I want to be fit, but I don't want to put on muscle mass that is uncharacteristically female. I've started running for cardio, and have been exercising my abs, but otherwise, I'm not sure what I should do. Pushups and chest presses will work my triceps, and lat pulls will define my back.

    I read on the MtF board that muscle composition changes with HRT. But short of that, what can I do?

    - A
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