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  1. this site is really quiet :P

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      It is quiet sometimes. But it's full of good topic and discussions; good people. And we're glad you're here.

  2. Ok, I'm going to make a quick list of pros and cons of being Trans* in high school and as a teenager... Even though there really isn't anything good about being trans* Goods: - You get to educate people and make a difference. - You can pick your own name. - GSA for support. - Guidance counselors to talk to. Bads: -DYSPHORIA. -Getting the wrong pronouns. - Not being old enough for HRT. - Being called by your birth name on the first day of school... -Gym class.. -Locker rooms. -Un-supportive parents? Nothing you can do about it. -haters.. -People still using your birth name either because they always have or they are assholes. -Friends that know your trans* but STILL use wrong pronouns. -trans* phobic people >.< -Can't get Top Surgery yet. -The feeling of being alone...
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    Its not always easy.... Not even close

    Febuary 7, 2013 So I don't know if anyone else here is still in high school but it is such a hard place to be when you are transgender. It's hard and very few people are there to support, if any. My experience in high school hasn't been easy at all. I feel like I'm alone. My GSA is helpful, but even there I don't really feel right. Everyone there identifies as Gay,Lesbian,Pansexual, or Bisexual. There is one other who identifies as trans, but i believe this is just to either get attention, or perhaps the individual is unsure about who they are. They are not completely right in the head, and I don't mean that I don't believe them, but the fact that they wear just tank tops to school, revealing their chest, and all female clothes.... it makes me wonder. In a way, it angers me. But besides that, I don't feel like there is really anyone i can talk to about this, I have my girlfriend, who is completely supportive, but it's not the same as actually having another trans person to talk to. I have recently started coming out to more people, one person being the co-adviser of the school's GSA, he was of course really supportive but also had a lot of questions, which i was very happy to answer! I will probably Make another post about more complications with being trans* in high school; I don't want this getting too long. Thank you for reading!