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    Shopping, hanging out with the girls on campus, days at the salon and spa, researching sexuality issues, shoes (lots of them),getting dressed in a sexy outfit that everyone adores, Planning Committee for the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Peer Counselor, Transsexual Activist/Advocator

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I am a male-to-female transsexual woman a little more than a year into hormone replacement therapy. I have know for more years than I care to remember that there was something that wasn't complete with myself, but over the past ten to fifteen years I discovered that I am a transsexual woman and at first thought it was "Just A Phase" and that "I'd Grow Out Of It"; all I did with those statements was waste valuable years of happiness. Since not only coming out completely to my self but accepting my transsexuality about five years ago and then to my friends and family within the last year, I finally feel like myself and a complete person. At one year and one month into HRT and transition, I am now completely out and rather open about my being transsexual and my process of transitioning I am attending Rutgers University where I am a dual degree (B.A./M.A.L.S.) student majoring in Liberal Studies where my concentration is Sexuality Studies and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. After I complete my Master's of Arts in Liberal Studies from Rutgers, I plan on attending Widener University and working towards a dual degree of MSW in Social Work and a PhD in Human Sexuality. Incase you were wondering what specialization in sexuality studies I plan on concentrating in, I devote most of my time to trans-issues, LGBTQ issues, and psychosexual disorders. My goal I life as well as the major purpose of this profile and my posting blogs and entries, is to make a difference in someone(s) life who needs it. I know how hard accepting my being transsexual was for me, so I can only imagine the difficulties that others go through and I will make it a life long strive of mine to help and guide them through difficult times in regards to their own sexuality or sexual issues. If you participate in my blog comments, rest assure that I will keep your name fully confidential and anonymous in my paper and citing of sources. As a transsexual, I know that the need to be discreet is sometimes life or death and that the outing of transsexuals and transgender people usually never has a pleasant or beneficial outcome, so coming from someone who was there and sometimes still gets discriminated against for being transsexual any information given to me will have no connection to the person(s) in my personal research cited or papers written. Remember that our community is extremely small (between 0.5-1.0% of the population when referring to the transgender population) so it is more than crucial that we (who know what each other is going through and feelings that are causing internal struggles and nightmares) as transsexual or transgender conduct research pertaining to transsexual and transgender issues and problems, here is a perfect opportunity for you to take what pain and misery you went through and use it to the advantage of future transsexual/transgender generations.