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    Building & Remodeling Houses, Fishing, Camping, watching Bones & CSI, & spending time with my wife.
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    What a Blow!

    I had a simnilar experience with my family members. When I told them I have saved enough money to have my surgeries they informed me "it's about time". They all stated their exceptance and told me all the rite things like "it doesn't matter what you are" come to find out slowly but surely no more family in my life. All I say is don't be blind to love because true love will always be there NO MATTER WHAT! Love shows no favorites. As hard as it may be emotionally to move forward without your "family" you will aquire new family in your life that will accept and love you for who/what you are NOT for who they want you to be. Remember this is your mind, body, and soul NOT anyone elses. Like one of the ladies stated earlier, it does get easier.