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    Some ideas about passing

    Garsh! Thank you.
  2. KathrynCamfield

    Some ideas about passing

    This is what I wore to go to the grocery store yesterday. What many transvestites crave is the chance to appear in public as a woman. Since I've been doing it for 16 years now, I have a few hints to help you pass. (Don't worry, I know that every #GirlsLikeUs is unique. If you have no desire to pass, that's fine.) First of all, you want to "blend in" which means no leather pants, 5-inch pumps, huge wigs like Dolly Parton would wear. The reason I blend in so well now, since I'm a little bit closer to a woman's weight, if she were 5'8" like me, is to dress like other women dress. Although I love my denim skirt, I rarely wear it out during the day. I live in Reno, Nevada, the most hospitable and friendly city on the West coast. What the majority of women wear out are pants, jeans or trousers. I refuse to wear old flowered elderly lady pants, even though I am one. You can rarely go wrong with denim blue jeans. (Frankly I've been wearing girls jeans, even when I pretend to be a man, for about a year because they fit better.) I realize a lot of you want to dress like a "slut" or wear cheerleader outfits, but just don't do it in public. Me being a common ordinary, older woman. I pass because I look like a common, ordinary, older woman, hence I am ignored. People see what they expect to see. Even a glance at me reveals that I have a woman's hair cut, I have breasts (not huge ones that don't fit my body type.), a pretty v-neck blouse, women's jeans and feminine shoes. That's all it takes. Also, be subtle with your makeup. Most women don't even bother with more than mascara and lipstick. I wear mascara, subtle brown eye shadow (my eyes are brown), a bit of Dermablend to wipe out the shadow beneath my nose, and some regular lipstick, (I'm wearing Sweet Cherry Blossom, which is a dark pink, and which I love. ( Pink, not the dark!) The key to my passing as a woman all the time - day and night - is my confidence. I felt completely at home in my feminine body, even back in the "fat old days.) I never went out dressed in garish, inappropriate clothing. (I was a good girl.) Luckily, since I was never a knock-out and never went into a bar without Cindy, I didn't have any problem with men. My natural feminine traits, which I'd had to hide before, blossomed. My walk, my gestures, even how I sat down all said female through and through. Since Cindy and I were together so much out in public we had the girl thing down cold. Although she was far prettier than I and smaller, the fact that she treated me as a woman helped to complete the illusion. Just a few weeks after I got my first job as a woman (In 1999), Cindy took me to her eye doctor and got me glasses with feminine frames. What we had done was to create a complete illusion.