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  1. Kaisa

    Read This Today

    Although I'm not religious, that is still sad. Wish people could just live & let live... and be done with it. Wanna really rock the world? All the LGBTQ folks should just start their own church... the mormons did it less than 200 years ago. :)
  2. Of course, I just had to try some of it on... Come on, I dare someone to let me have it on the last one... :)
  3. Too bad my buddy wasn't at the thrift stores again today... I was hoping he'd be there, but sadly, he wasn't. Anyway, a few items to add to the wardrobe, a nifty red top from Ross, two neat skirts and of course... payless was having a sale... Yayyy! Brown shoes just like my black ones. Call me old fashioned. I like em. I love my wife for shopping with me. Thanks for looking.
  4. Happy Birthday, Kaisa. -Michael

  5. ... is what that guy said. My wife says to me as we left the goodwill store. I spent the entire day out with my wife and while it was THE best day shopping I've had in a very long time with my awesome wife... It's what I remembered about it that counts. You see, my wife is in a wheelchair. Even though I'm standing right next to her as she browses clothing racks, to the untrained eye, it looks like I'm alone. YES, I am going through the womens clothing... YES, I am looking for me... but to anyone else that has a brain, waits just a few seconds, and sees my wife (RIGHT NEXT TO ME) would think I'm just helping her. It's the perfect cover. I'm a lucky one. Gosh my arm is tired. Back to the first statement. Bubba-Jim-bob and his hefty wife were in the store. I saw them a couple of times here & there. I guess it could ruin someones day, but it made me laugh... all day long. Each store we entered, I'd say "Let's go get a margarita" The guy basically pointed me out to his wiffy and said "Lookee over there... that one's had a few too many margaritas... he's in the wrong section." That's what he said. My wife glared at him for quite a bit too. LOL I didn't hear him say it but knowing my wife had my back... and the fact that it was pretty funny, just made my day. I'll have you know that I was dressed as a full on guy today, my biker boots, levis, nice sweater, hair spiked up as usual.... HAIRY arms... manly enough to take this dude down with a stare alone. Anyway, the day went on and my wife is getting a neat sense of humor... and pointing out dresses that would run a jet plane right off the runway... but it's all fun. We're having fun. 35 bucks and about 9 stores later... What a day. Just what I needed. More stuff. :)
  6. Although I'm not much into support groups... I can help update a few of the clubs you have listed for Salt Lake. The Paper Moon is basically a lesbian bar, neat place, closes & opens at weird times, but friendly and fun. Supposedly closed now, but who knows. The plus? Mens Bathroom is totally barren. Other places not listed: 1. The Jam. Located in SLC, a more social club environment, not tons of younger ones hanging out here, mainly a gay bar but I've been there. Neat place, modern, fun. 2. The Metro. Many events there. Great place on Halloween, all types there. Trans Friendly. 3. Sound (also known as Gossip) Premier night club, lots of drag shows, Trans friendly for sure. 4. TryAngles. Never been there, but supposed to be a gay bar, trans friendly. 5. Area 51 (a.k.a. The Area) Trans Friendly. Every 1st Friday is fetish night. 6. Sun Trapp. Supposed to be a cowboy type of bar, never been. http://saltlake.gaycities.com/bars/ :)
  7. Hi, I'm new. 6 feet tall, 160 lbs. Yep!. :)