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  1. Mattie20008


    FWIW: you have a gorgeous picture...and your eyes look great
  2. Mattie20008

    Transgender 101

    While many are just biggots, there are soon many who are not, and who are just trying to learn what the hell this 'trans thing' is all about...I try to give them a little leeway.
  3. Jenner is on my mind...will she be a benefit to us, or turn us all into a big circus act?

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    2. Mattie20008


      I am on the fence now about coming out at work (already out to the family)...if I wait for Bruce, will I seem like a strap-hanger? If I go now, even long before any physical changes, will I be better off? I heard many leave their lives and start anew in the correct gender. I am staying put. I just can't decide when to make the announcement...oh, this is driving me nuts!

    3. Mattie20008


      BTW, I will check in daily now, so I don't miss the next conference call...

    4. MonicaPz


      Mattie, just remember that the call will be every Saturday at 3 P.M. EST.