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  1. EShaver added a post in a topic Trans Women Storming the Political Arena   

    The best thing Danica has done here in the Communistwealth so far is to unseat Bathroom Bob Marshal. Now , we still have THROWBACK Kirk Cox to contend with
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  2. EShaver added a post in a topic Pinterest and other social media   

    Dawn , Pinterest is honestly wayyyyyy more transphobic than Faceless Book ! I am on FB , but ONLY because I own a architectural building service . You can find me at Art Forms design on Face Book
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  3. EShaver added a post in a topic Trans and Cis   

    Jus yesterday , I go to a doctor's appointment . The new hire , a very young African American GLANCES at me , sirs me and then , has the GALL to hand me the PRIVILEGED Medical information of another woman although I gave her a COLD STARE as I reminded her I am a LEGAL Female ...... Oh you bet I went to her supervisor and let a lot go
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  4. EShaver added a post in a topic Trans and Cis   

    Labeled is one thing . Being constantly mis gendered even though you have politely ask that you be addressed correctly is another
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  5. EShaver added a post in a topic Annual Transgender Events   

    Lori, and everyone else , this is really a JAM Packed one day event that really has the power of being a TWO day event . We went from 200 to 400 in just one year once word got out about this .
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  6. EShaver added a post in a topic Annual Transgender Events   

    ​Lori, Equality Virginia hosts a one day Health conference and show known as Virginia TIES  the 3rd week of October at Virginia Commonwealth University . This year celebrated it's 4th year and once again , I was a volunteer to this event . Next year , I am slated to do a class in what to wear at an interview . This will have several models showing attire fit for a work place interview and how to dress one's age .
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  7. EShaver added a topic in Transgender Events   

    Virginia TIES , now in it's 4th year !
    Coming the end of October to Virginia Commonwealth University  10-19- 2017 ......

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    What better way to separate us from the "CHOSEN " is to divide the sins into what is REAL sin from something that can be prayed over and resolved in just an hour ....

    Every day , I see another report of some "Christian " do gooder , church leader , or Neighborhood - GOOD GUY who has had relations with a minor child . Seems , it's common now for the congregation to "Pray away the sin of this lost soul Bail bonds are collected , Priests are re located and the whole thing is hushed out of existence . . Meanwhile , the innocent victims , the kids are RUINED for life . NO ONE responds to their needs twenty years down the road . Nope , These Churches continue doing the dividing EVERY Sunday from the pulpit pitting US vs The Few . The cycle continues .....
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  9. EShaver added a post in a topic Trans Health Conference (Philadelphia) - Sept. 7-9, 2017   

    I'm jealous ! Richmond  Virginia has done well to squeeze out a One day wunda at Virginia Commonwealth University . Course it took a LOT of badgering from people like me to get Equality Virginia to do this going on it's FOURTH YEAR now .
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  10. EShaver added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Yes , government CAN commit suicide
    I'm sitting here now , and watching my beloved home slowly become a religious Theocracy .....
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  11. EShaver added a post in a topic Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    Emma , under the soon to be signed Texas bill, that won't make a bit of difference . I can already see legal challenges as some states already allow Birth certificate amendments and Texas has already stated they will NOT recognize  any change .
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  12. EShaver added a post in a topic Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    I'm North of N Carolina now by 50 miles . I'm watching the Texas fiasco only because I contract to the Texas Historical society now and I used to own a Brick an Mortar manufacturing concern in Houston .

    Personally , I'm worried as to just how "LEGAL " my Virginia permit is . Here , I'm female . Now in N Carolina and now in Texas , am I Female or just what ? I'm really unwilling to take a chance as I have charge of a Special needs son . How's it going to look when I'm visiting or doing a job and my son is with me and I'm hauled off by police for taking a Potty break ?
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  13. EShaver added a post in a topic Texas may lose 2018 NFL Draft   

    Gennee, for some unknown reason , Texas adapted the Fire an Brimstone Baptist Revival theory and for another unknown reason , they expect someone like me to adapt to it  too...
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  14. EShaver added a post in a topic Texas may lose 2018 NFL Draft   

    GOOD!!!!!! the legislature has gone completely 180 because the founders of the republic of Texas were Gamblers, Womanizers , Society out casts and renegades like myself who won't return until the religious Theocratists are run outta Dodge !
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  15. EShaver added a post in a topic Victoria Secrets   

    ​Your manager was correct in that some Vitoria Secret stores are indeed Trans friendly more so than other stores . By that , some stores are truly WANTING our business.
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  16. EShaver added a post in a topic Dr. Kathy Rumer - GRS in Philadelphia   

    Chrissy, I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Dr Rumer at Virginia TIES, now twice . She helped inaugurate the 1st Virginia health conference in 2012. She came well prepared and it was my actual first time being able to have a one on one with any surgeon . I have no clue who is scheduled at the fourth year of Virginia TIES other rthan I have begged, pleaded and begged even more to see this conference expanded into something that include more time .

    It was a BIG step first for Equality Virginia to have taken my chiding from years earlier as the director , James Parrish once told me that he thought the Transgender population in Virginia barely could hit 900 people and that was in 2010. He know I had my facts together and as a result , Virginia Ties came to Virginia Commonwealth University at the student commons center for the now one day event . I have been a Equality volunteer since the beginning and I look forward to again doing so this October .

    Virginia TIES is THE Come to event for all Transgender and those wishing information on the meaning of being Transgender. Subjects range from Legal issues with Medicare / Medicaid to surgical procedures . I continue to push for a dress for success class as this applies to Cross dressers as well. There is simply too much Information that BEGS to be shared to the community as a whole here and one day is simply not enough to take it all in . A social gathering at a nearby bar closes the day and all participants are treated to two complimentary drinks via Equality Virginia .

    I look forward to meeting ANYONE willing to travel to Richmond Virginia this fall to attend the event . Bring a notebook as I'm on hand to share knowlee , resources and any pertinent information I can
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  17. EShaver added a post in a topic Many Don't Want Laws That Allow Discrimination   

    ​All this amounts to is a return to the society we had prior to the 1964 Civil Rights legislation . I'm surprised they don't have gays and Transgenders served out of the Back door in a restaurant too
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  18. EShaver added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Birth certificate revisions in Virginia
    This JUST IN from Richmond Virginia !!!!! On the surface , this could be the "Underground railway" that Texas, Virginia and N Carolina inhabitants might need to circumvent POTTY Law ...
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  19. EShaver added a post in a topic Republicans decide to eat one of their own !   

    ​I guess here is where we both sorta step on "The THIRD" rail . First , I have little to do with the Gender Fluid and the Cross dressers . To me , they aren't TRULY Transgender . If you're going to LEGITIMATELY transition , you have to accept the hormones . You simply can't play at being transgender and expect some of we "OLD TIMERS " to accept you .
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  20. EShaver added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Republicans decide to eat one of their own !
    Richmond Virginia 1-19-2017 . In the Virginia general assembly , religious Zealot Northern Virginia Senator Bob Marshall has his Butt handed to him on a platter by his own party !
    Panel votes down bathroom bill
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  21. EShaver added a post in a topic FIRST EVER LGBT exibition openes - Richmond Virginia   

    Folks , we need to build on the momentum here ! Contact the valentine History Center in Richmond Virginia and arrange to have this exhibit expanded to include people who might be willing to be added and allow the show to come to YOUR City for an "ON LOAN " showing !!!!! Don't tell me we can't make it happen ....
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  22. EShaver added a post in a topic FIRST EVER LGBT exibition openes - Richmond Virginia   

    Ronnie , we had over 400 just for Opening night last Wednesday . Tomorrow , Saturday , we're going to have local dignataries  by in the afternoon . I dunno if I can make that as I'm pulling another exhibit I was a part of down today and maybe tomorrow .
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  23. EShaver added a topic in Transgender Events   

    FIRST EVER LGBT exibition openes - Richmond Virginia
    last night in Richmond Virginia at the Valentine History center , I was both PROUD and Privileged to have been a participant along with my son Israel to 400 + visitors who helped make history in the former Capital of the Confederacy . I actually grew up in Richmond although a major portion of my life was in Houston and Dallas . Last summer , I was asked on face book if I would be a part of a Gay- Transgender exhibition . .

    My reaction was , Hell Yeah ! Look, for once , someone was taking me seriously and I wanted to be a partner in this . For the first time , Transgender people shown as Family heads !!!! Suddenly , I was granted credibility . I went to the 1st day opening back on my "Real " birthday of 12-1 last year and I was stunned to see my portrait hum gallery style along with 18 other portraits in a setting where viewers can see short Biographical stories ad the people who comprise a family . In my case , we were photographed in the Valentine court yard , a lovely garden with ornate details of Horses and carriages of days gone by . I know were were with noted photographer , Michael Simon for well over two hours and Israel , tired as he was NEVER let on as to his exhaustion .

    For weeks , then a month , I tirelessly advertised this show to all who MIGHT be interested . The gala opening was last night , 1-11-2017 . Thanks in part to gal pals , I was made over , primped and fussed over . I arrived to find friends who were just ahead to greet me and congratulate my being a celebrity of sorts . The show "One Love " is a first ever collaboration of several corporate sponsors who see Gay and Transgender people as who we are , citizens and contributors to society .

    We were presented Valentine History center memberships , and a lovely copy of our portraits . It is my hope EVERYONE here will get time to see this historical showing .

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  24. EShaver added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    Charlie , I'm with Janice Covington on the fact that the HRC as usual sold us out . We're BOTH on face Book too .
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  25. EShaver added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    Welp , the City of Charlotte went ahead and renounced all it's protections . They trusted the REPUBLI-RATS in Raleigh and got bit in da ass  BIGG!!!!! I'm a skeptic . I learned back in the 1960's Bigg Brutha was a monster and therefore , as a result , I have become one HATED Transgal in Richmond Virginia

    The reason is simple . I never trusted the siren songs that pumped out of Washington DC . I never hung my soul out as most did on Obama promises . Seems like EVERY time I make a comment in either Equality Virginia or Equality N Carolina , I'm a mean rotten to the core "Racist " and hate monger . Yall want reform , DITCH the R&D party !!!!!
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